How and Where to Mount Your Tent

How many times have we gone camping and spent the night with a rock or root that pierces us back through the mat. Or that summer storm that flooded us the store and wet sleeping bag … When you go camping, it is very important to know where and how to mount the tent, to avoid surprises and sleep as comfortable as possible.


Pitch the tent on level ground, and if it can be at high altitudes.

So bove all, make sure not to be in an area where the ground forms a funnel or a well. In that case the camping tent in case of rain would flood.

Nor is it a good idea to dig canals around the tent. It is a practice that used to be done once, but does not have much effect and leave the broken ground when we go to the next morning.

Finally, do not put the tent camping near the fire.


Clear the area in which you mount the store. Remove stones, branches and other objects before.

If no vegetation close we can form a layer of leaves on the site where camp.

Start by placing the tent on the ground and tie it to the winds (fixing ropes) to trees, posts or stones to stretch well. Once organized, nail stakes in hoops or ribbons that are at the ends of the tent.

Pass the rods through the rings Store. Store up and rotate the same until the door is in the desired direction. Secure it by placing the stakes into the ground.

C on respect to the orientation, generally Store tail pointing where they come from or thunderstorm winds is placed. I like some input guiding light to the east side, so the sun wakes me in the morning at dawn.


Make sure you get to your camp before dark.  Riding a tent in the dark or with a flashlight or lantern, it can certainly take a long time.