How a Doula Faithfully Stands Friends During Childbirth

Have a completely strange woman giving birth here?

How a Doula Faithfully Stands Friends During Childbirth

Why the?

Isn’t it enough if you have your partner, your own mother or a girlfriend by your side? Eventually, but the midwife at the birth of accompanies you! Or!

Unfortunately, but precisely this continuous care especially in clinics may not always be possible.

Of course, she does everything in its power – but who can already foresee how many births at the same time take place. You can be lucky and enjoy a 1:1-mix support to come or parallel laboring and shift the course of the birth on.

Your partner is of course at your side. Most of the time. But maybe the birth and a bit longer takes. Maybe he also needs a Verschaufpause once.

Formerly part of the experienced women without question to the Birth setting and ensured also after birth for the mother.

The present form of the accompaniment by a birth-experienced woman is an incidental finding in a study. It is the rediscovery of such narrow birth support.

In the mentioned study, her study participants of the group with an intense contact with the Director of studies had the lowest consumption of painkillers and the lowest rate of Cesarean section during the birth.

From this developed a concept and the transfer of knowledge to a loving, close monitoring of birth as a doula.

To find out how a doula at the birth can help you, I’ve searched the contact and came across with my questions on open ears.

Claudia Bolz lives with her family near the city of Munich. She’s the doula (pronounced: ‘dula’) behind CaringBirth and accompanied women who bring their baby in Munich in the world would. As a doula, she comes with birth and accompanies the natural birth or the caesarean section in the Munich area on request.

Mama-Baby-vision: Critical voices say that doulas may be bored housewives who want to earn something to do, and that this was only an expensive power for financially well provided families.

What do you say?

Claudia Bolz: “it is true that a doula support in Germany not by health insurance is accepted and therefore unfortunately is a pure private performance. However, this does not mean that only good asked families can afford a doula. Every doula is free how much she takes for a birth accompaniment.With financially weaker families, E.g., the possibility of the Club is doulas in Germany to apply for a volunteer escort – the Club takes over a portion of the costs.

I can speak only for myself, but a birth Companion is a profession for me more a vocation than. My life with three small children is certainly anything but boring and just the time of the call costs very much power and resources – or a very long birth, since I find it of course, me this time also to adequately pay. Also I make keep me always and this knowledge comes to good my clients.”

Mama-Baby-vision: How is a sound training of doulas guaranteed? Who checks this and what must be able to demonstrate a doula?

Claudia bolt: “In Germany you can get, as far as I know, GfG or when Melanie Schöne, Germany (in cooperation with DOÑA) build up from head of doulas.

I did my training and certification directly through DONA (doulas of North America) and know only that what is found on the websites of DiD or GfG from training in Germany.

The training and certification of DONA was elaborately regulated and spent about 2 years. In addition to a 3-day DONA-approved workshop I had to demonstrate including 15 hours of labor support (at least 3 births, with support only from 4 cm cervix opening), signatures and written feedback from mothers, midwives and doctors to demonstrate, birth reports write, read various books, write a multi-page list and specify two people (a mother/client and another person from the birth scene) as a reference , and of course be a member of DONA.

All submitted material has been tested very intensively, my two reference persons were called and asked about me. Finally I got a 3 years valid certificate and must perform the initials CD (DONA) behind my name.”

Mama-Baby-vision: What exactly it uses me as expectant parents, when I select the accompaniment by a doula?

Claudia bolt: “Parents can concentrate on himself, clear your head and fall in the birth. You will receive comprehensive prenatal meeting and also during the birth via ejinhua. The doula is a famous person and she is continually on the side of the pair, which creates a warm, trusting atmosphere.

In most cases, a guided birth is kept as a positive and beautiful memories. The parents feel at the mercy of medical staff never left alone or helpless.”

Mama-Baby-vision: How benefit fathers from the doula support… or be it again as before being expelled from the birth scene?

Claudia bolt: “Absolutely not, doula accompaniment they are involved actively IN the birth scene!

Many fathers will benefit from an accompaniment, they feel relieved, can treat without feeling guilty about even a break and know your partner always in good hands. A doula guides the partners, where and how he can best support his wife and help her.This ensures, that the birth experience for everyone (as) pleasant memories remain.”

Mama-Baby-vision: Some hospitals allow only one companion – how to fix something like that?

Claudia bolt: “I think that is the exceptional case, rather it didn’t happen even me personally.” But I know of a clinic that the head of obstetrics really like no doulas. I tell women who like want to deliver with this clinic, then, that I would like to there not officially occur as a doula.

There is still an other birth clinic close to ideally in such cases or I will accompany the women as a best friend or translator.”

Mama-Baby-vision: And the staff at clinics how responds to you as a doula? What reactions I as a woman if I agree with that except my husband still a “doula” will come with me to the birth?

Claudia bolt: “This is quite different from a ‘No, that we not allow here’ to ‘Super, we look forward’ everything was.”

I ask all my clients on all the cases before the birth to discuss the issue with the clinic staff or to mention that a doula there will be in your birth plan. Some midwives have never had contact with a doula, others have often worked with one.

So far I have experienced no serious problems and many midwives have thanked me after the birth of the great support and help – even if they were initially doubtful to me.

Mama-Baby-vision: If a couple just thinking about it with a doula to contact, but still not sure is – what do you that?

Claudia bolt: Questions costs nothing

And only through contact, one committed to nothing. Most doulas have a website now, there you can find out for the first time and browse without being disturbed.

Many questions can be – then surely clarified in a face-to-face conversation via email or on the phone. The first meeting is usually non-binding and free of charge. Woman can follow their gut feeling still then decide.

Thank you very much, dear Claudia, for the interesting insights in your experiences and training that is so important for a good doula support.

It is now important to keep their autonomy during the birth and to experience a continuity of care while they give birth to many women. Sometimes it fails in hospital routines, shift change, or other aspects.


Do you still choose you for the clinic as Entbindungsort?

Then can you there – and of course also to all other places of birth – the doula of your confidence help to understand if medical clarification was not immediately understandable for you. She can help you to get more explanations-as you need it. As well she could lead to your partner calmly helping massage strokes to apply labour or the continuous person that be easy you as accompanied a good girlfriend birth experienced by birth.

You can follow the work of Claudia Bolz, doula in Munich, also on their Facebook page around the birth doula support .

Do you have a question related to the accompaniment of birth with a doula? Then post them in the comments

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