Holographic Hair Care

The colored hair are already doing to people’s minds for some time and new staining techniques arise all the time. The color of the time is the holographic hair. Following the trend of this effect on clothing, shoes and accessories, the holographic hair brings pastel colors, the colors violet, pink, green and blue, to create a super shiny effect and mesmerizing.

But keep a color like this in is not easy and requires extra care. We have listed below some products that can make all the difference to you parade around the shiny slivers for more time. See below some examples of holographic hair:

The Load Out With Kerastase-Chroma Captive
Always in constant evolution in pursuit of perfection, the load out with Kerastase presents the new line of treatment for colored hair, CHROMA CAPTIVE – with the exclusive Systéme Capture ™. This technological innovation, developed by L ‘ Oréal advanced research laboratories will capture, secure, magnify to 40 days of color protection *. The perfection of color is an art. As the best perfumes, results from a complex balance between several factors that, when elevated to your maximum exponent, come together to create a memorable and sumptuous work of art. The load out with kerastase has developed a solution that allows a perfect colour, able to extend for up to 40 days his greatest qualities: the depth, the reflections and glare. Inspired by the olfactory pyramid, the load out with Kerastase creates the chromatic pyramid. The science of perfect color, with control of the three properties of color that degrade when exposed to its main attackers: mechanical actions (such as brush or heat instruments); oxidation (by UV rays and free radicals) and washes/despigmentações.

L ‘ Oréal Professionnel-Lumino Contrast
L ´ ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL presents LUMINO CONTRAST range – the selective treatment that enhances the brightness and accentuates the contrast of Wicks. LUMINO CONTRAST is the answer to an action total prevention and recovery from wear of the scales.
-Mainly in the domestic market, in which 83% of Brazilian women, they change their visual, choose to whiten your hair and 96% point dryness as the main negative effect of fuses service. (Source: U & the Hair Color, Brazilian women).

Cutting-edge technology
Nutricéride technology, a combination of ceramides with nourishing oils, restores the lipid rate of hair fiber and strengthens the cohesion of cuticles while maintaining the protective action. In the formula, cationic polymers, responsible for the selective treatment of the Wicks, transporting Nutriceride molecules and bind to sensitive areas. Cationic polymers for treatment, chemical affinity, bind to and neutralize negative charges. The negative charge disappears and the wires are soft, loose and very bright.

Redken-Color Extend Magnetics
Since the 1960s, Redken has been a leader in the science of proteins, offering high-tech solutions for the needs of consumers. Continuing this tradition, Redken Haircare offers the next generation in hair care innovation with an enhanced line of some of our award-winning solutions and more sold, now including our new shampoos and conditioners RCT Protein Complex. All Soft, Extreme, and Color Extend Magnetics with this revolutionary complex, which treats of the hair from the root to the core, until the tips. The RCT Protein Complex is a targeted delivery system that releases the treatment appropriate for each level of the hair.

The line Color Extend Magnetics brings strength, brightness and color maintenance of colored hair. Its components are responsible for rebuilding the surface protection and strengthen the hair, thus keeping the color for longer. And hair cuffs clicks EhealthFacts.