History of 80s Fashion Trends

The fashion in the 80s was colorful, exaggerated and punk. To date we often find references to the fashions of the 80s on the runways and in street style. What remained then of those years?

The stylish 80s influenced pop culture for decades: many look we wear and still appreciate today in fact derive roots and inspiration from those years.

1. Gothic Fashion 80s

Often the Gothic fashion is improperly called fashionable dark. There are different types and different Gothic fashion currents, all styles, however, are characterized by the predominance of black as a color. Hence the vagueness of calling the Gothic style “dark”, because at a first impression all, in gothic clothes, is dark and gloomy.

Gothic fashion is divided into various types of trends are characterized by different types of music or attitudes. One of the first movements inspired goth born in the 80s is punk on A2zgov.

The English goth punk is the only current to refer to the original punk movement.
The hair is almost completely or partially shaved, the hair colored or bleached, lacquer is used to create the famous colored ridges. Punk theme is also talk of sexual freedom, that’s why clothing or torn skirts, fishnet stockings, handcuffs and piercing in various parts of the body are the must accessories for this look. The trick was very heavy and always in shades of black. Most of the clothes of this current were manufactured in-house by the very person who wore them, to give a more personal touch to the clothes by adding zippers, laces or metal inserts. The shoes were chosen for most boots, amphibians or the famous Dr. Martens who still today are a trend that is particularly strong among younger.

The influences of glam rock introduce an androgynous element in goth style, or makeup and skirts for men and pinstripe suits and vests for women.

In the romantic goth clothing goes back to the Victorian or romantic. It is a style quite elegant and Baroque, you use a lot more ties and corsets. The skirts are wide and long to the ground, free to lace space.

2.Gothic Fashion 80s

Style icon par excellence of the 80s is undoubtedly Madonna. The 80s are those of feminism and artistic freedom and expression, of David Bowie, of Freddie Mercury.

The leather pants tight black are back in fashion recently but were cult in the 80s thanks to the rock and pop icons of the period.

The feminine look seemed unkempt and uncared for, but behind that effect (wanted) was not much attention to detail. Torn pantyhose, extra large t-shirt with prints and combined with very short skirts and jackets of jeans were the dominant elements of rock 80s look.

The girls wore bandanas on maxi hairstyles, flashy bracelets and rhinestone crosses or crucifixes inspired just to the singer Madonna. Even the symbol of the skull has become a trend precisely in this period: in fact appeared on t-shirts or dresses.

3. Fashion 80s today

It is hard not to see how many items have remained or have returned from the 80s fashion: many bosses are in fact still a trend and often do not even realize.

Our leggings for example leggings are from the 80s, the high-waisted pants back in fashion recently were a must of the 80 head, as well as patent leather bags.
The sneakers are a must for many and anyone who owns at least a couple, they are also a 80-year trend.
The giubbottini skin black, amphibians boots, sunglasses model Wayfarer, jackets with shoulder pads are all leaders of fashion 80s who continue to be very popular and sought after .

4. Look 80s, make-up and hairstyles

Excesses were also present in the hairstyles and make-up 80s. The make-up was very colorful and often exaggerated color eye shadow that never shall we wear today as blue, pink or green. Her lips were instead outlined by a pencil and colored bright red, an evergreen.

The hair, however, were super bulky, cotton or permed, her thick tresses were then collected and decorated with bandannas, barrettes, bows or large groups.
Styling gels and mousses were a must have for an exaggerated volume to the hair.
The hair styles 80s, however, are not back in fashion: it is not hard to see why!