Hippie Necklaces: Photos, Templates, How-to, Tips

The fight for human rights and environmental preservation has been the big deal of that movement which is highlighted by the attitude, clothing and accessories that characterized.

The hippie culture influence in fashion today, with elegant clothes and soft, many colors and natural style with down-to-Earth, wavy hair and little makeup attract women of different social classes.

The hippie fashion was influenced by native Americans and inspired by African and Latin American peoples.

For you to know a little more about this fashion that if transformed into timeless let’s talk especially of necklaces made and used by hippies who are able to leave any woman look beautiful and charming.

The long necklaces at equzhou.net are, of course, a benchmark of hippie fashion and can be used by women of all ages. Must be made with natural stones to follow the true style of the hippies, amethysts, crystals, quartz and other beautiful stones can fall well supported in strands of leather and other chains.

The idea is to take advantage of creativity to build elements inspired in this movement and redesigned for version 2015.

The seashells collected on beaches can also result in an elegant and delicate necklace for women who prefer a more natural style.

Do it Yourself” or “do it yourself“, is the motto of the hippies even today. The pendants symbolizing peace and love are also the face of Hippie culture. Besides the pendants are very common among the supporters of this fashion.

The Hippie Chic, which was born in the late 70 gave more glamour and attitude to the hippie look. Lightweight fabrics, floating and tribal influences linger to this day in the Windows and stones, many stones in beads that came up to the navel.

Fringes and necklaces with several laps also gained prominence with the hippiechicinfluence. The coppery colors, silver and natural are the most used for who look vintage and modern at the same time.

If you have a more stripped style and you don’t want to look like a slob hippie style bet accessories; big earrings and locked as well as rings and bracelets are ideal to lift the look without overdoing it.

In addition to femininity, influenced by hippie fashion collars fall well with jeans, pants with wide mouth that are returning with all the sets, skirts, dresses, anyway, there is no distinction for those who want to try a new style.