High Waist Fashion

Charming and ultra feminine, waisted fashion took over the catwalks, macaws and is always between one of the main trends; In addition to being one of the favorite styles of Brazilian women, who appreciate the discreet sensuality and romantic line splitting of the high waist gives the silhouette.

Be in pants, skirts, shorts, short shorts – the popular “hot pants”-or bikinis, high waist type fashion fell the taste of fashionistas and is always present in the female wardrobe, especially for being a great ally in time to define the curves of the body.

In 2012, the high-waisted models appears even more diverse and unusual, made with molds and fabrics of all kinds, in addition to the colors, ranging from smooth, strong and neutral tones, in addition to the printed, mostly floral, animal print, with tropical images abstract and cute designs, such as the heart.

Versatile, high-waist models can compose different looks, the more formal the hipsters and romantic. For Visual work, for example, fall well waisted pencil skirts or even pantaloons of tailoring of waist high, combined with classic white shirts or silk; for day to day or go out with friends, enter the short shorts, short skirts and high-waisted shorts, used along the tops and t-shirts with fun and colorful prints.

But care must be taken in time to use the high-waisted style. As requested, this trend does not usually enhance the Brazilian standards measures, which usually present a more generous silhouette on the hips and butt.

However, it is not necessary to be only high and rail thin to wear high-waisted models; Although, it is more advisable not to be very overweight, for the play not score too much in the body and the production side the exaggeration. However, overall, it works very well for those who want to highlight the forms of the body, which makes the piece very sexy without being vulgar.

Here Are Some Pictures Of The High-Waisted Fashion 2012 And Be Inspired!