High Quality Perfume at Cheap Prices

We Will Tell You What You Should Pay Attention To When Buying Perfumes

Perfume is a welcome Christmas gift. Or not? On this subject, the spirits are divided: one thinks that perfume is a personal and exclusive gift. The others find it impersonal and make it clear that it is rather difficult to meet the taste of the counterpart. In addition, an exclusive fragrance is usually a costly matter, which can not be controlled by every gift budge. We show you how to get the perfect scent, what you should pay attention to when you buy it, and how to make your favorite perfume cheap. We also have the online beauty store point-rouge Spoken : The point-rouge expert will tell you how to give the right scent.

Perfume as a Christmas gift-yes or no?

Run the last pushers into the department store, grab the exclusive-looking special offer from the perfume rack and finally have this wrapped by the saleswoman in pretty Christmas paper – so you have quickly, uncomplicated and in the best case also a Christmas gift for friends and relatives. But such scenarios offer the greatest potential for embarrassing shortcomings. If you have a fragrance with gold and want to be happy, our tips should consider.

The very first fragrance

The little sister or best friend have never used a perfume, but already more often indicated that they want to finally try one? In this case you have to do pioneering work and do not have a simple job. Because the wrong fragrance can leave the perfume debutant forever distance to any water. Therefore ask the following questions:

Is there a shower gel or a Bodylotion, which is loved by the person to be given an idolatry? Find out if there is a matching eau de toilette or eau de parfum of the brand. So you meet your taste.

How about a sample set consisting of different fragrances? So you meet the preselection, but give the recipient the opportunity to look into the world of fragrances and to find their personal favorites.

The style of the clothing is also a point of reference for the right scent. “Puristically and chic” is their motto in the selection of clothes? Then choose a timeless, not too pushy scent like  Nuit Pour Femme by Hugo Boss. She is rather the playful, girlish type? Then choose better for a feminine, rather floral perfume, such as  Emporio Diamonds by Giorgio Armani.

Now detective games is announced

You simply can not find any indications for the right scent and do not want to rely on the smell of the clothing style? Then there are the following possibilities to really find out which fragrance favorites your girlfriend or sister has:

Shopping, such as Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, is very popular with our female customers

– point-rouge.de –

Even go for a search:
If you are visiting your girlfriend, it is worth taking a look in the bathroom or your mirror cabinet. If you discover a bottle, which is almost empty, you can buy it. The joy of the gift is all yours.

Asking friends:
Alternatively, you can also ask friends and ask your family or partner about your favorite perfume.

The same odor for years

Your mother-in-law has been using “Chanel N ° 5” for 20 years? Good for you. So you do not have to worry about the gift search. Because the preferred fragrance will still appeal to her in the 21st century.

Personal or impersonal?

Many Schenker find it boring and impersonal to give perfume.

Before making a judgment, however, it is advisable to adopt the perspective of the recipient. If he is a lover of beautiful fragrances, he can start with the gift and is very happy about it.

If you want to give the present a more personal touch, then you will have a lot of fun!

If you can not find perfume as a Christmas gift impersonally, but simply do not know the taste of the person to be presented and despite our tips is uncertain when choosing the right fragrance, you can access a voucher for a perfume shop. The very personal favorite fragrance can then be selected by the recipient himself.

On the other hand, it is very personal with a self-created scent. Do not worry, you do not have to mix odors and alcohol in the kitchen. Instead you can rely on the know-how specialist provider such as MyParfum. In just a few steps, you create an individual perfume including a bottle of your own. A real one-of-a-kind gift is given to you from a price of 39.99 euros.

Favorite jets from the SPARWELT editorial team

“Many of the classic perfumes I can not win. That’s why I prefer to use scented oils. These are usually higher quality, more intense and also keep better. My current favorite perfume was brought to me from Oman. Such warm, oriental-spicy fragrances can also be found here in well-assorted Arab shops, on Christmas markets or on the Internet. “

Clara, editor

“My favorite fragrance is ‘Bang Bang’ by Marc Jacobs – for years. It is a branded air that smells extraordinary and stands out from standard odors. The scent is masculine, spicy-woody and still cool. “

Oliver, Lektor

Original perfume, fake perfume or Dupe?

Who finally found a suitable scent is often overwhelmed at the view of the price tag. Although, even with expensive perfumes, the fragrances make up only a small part of the composition, while the bulk of alcohol and water are dispensed, many market bottoms cost up to 100 euros. Approximately 80 percent of the production costs are spent on marketing and advertising. Against this background, of course, the question arises whether it is worth investing in expensive mixtures at all. What are the alternatives?

Fake perfume-cheap but not good

Because consumers like to make bargains, fake cosmetics and especially fake perfumes are finding an enormous sales force and not just on shopping trips abroad. But low-cost products are not infrequently also cheaply composed and processed. The fragrance seldom reaches the original, because the fake simply contains much less, but at the same time it is consistently inferior or odoriferous smelling oils. This also results in poorer compatibility as well as durability on skin, hair or clothing. The ingredients of the fake perfumes are therefore always something to be desired and are in part health-threatening. A glance at the ingredients reveals – if they are given – preservatives or fragrances, which can not be used in Germany, as they are proven to cause numerous allergies and skin reactions. In the worst case, a fake fragrance ensures equal frustration.

The only difference to expensive fragrances is simply that these are rarely worn by other people. 

– point-rouge.de – 

But not only the consumer, but also the brand manufacturers are caused by the fake perfumes forbidden in Germany. In particular the brand image, which is constantly defending itself, is suffering. For this reason, sales partners are closely scrutinized. So you buy at a well-known and serious dealer – no matter whether online or offline – you will get original products in any case. Such traders are, for example, perfumeries such as Douglas and Diamant, drugstores and department stores, but also onlineshops like Parfumdreams and point-rouge.

Dupes-cheap perfume the original very close
In addition to fake products, there are also imitators of branded perfumes – so-called Dupes, Duftzwillinge or Smell-A-Likes – which are also cheaper, but unlike fake perfumes are not forbidden. However, these imitators are not allowed to advertise their identical or very similar fragrance, and the packaging must also differ from the original.

A supplier, where you can search directly for Dupes, is Parfueme.de. Also, the direct input of ingredients of your favorite fragrance is possible there and helps you in the search for an alternative product. If, for example, you do not get enough of lavender and rosewood, you simply enter these components into the search mask and you will be presented with suitable duftwettchen. The original with these ingredients comes from Dior and costs about 12 times the nearly identical scent of Fatal Snake Magical:

High quality perfume at low prices

If you want to buy your favorite perfume, you do not have to go to a counterfeit at the same time. Instead, as in our example, you can avoid dupes, as long as the fragrance is the same. However, this variant is more appropriate for your own needs than for giving away.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for a specific product or is emotionally connected to a brand, you should take it to the original. Luckily there is also this often at reduced prices. Look for it best in the WHOLESALEABLY. Although there are no high-end fragrances here, Bruno Banani and Co. are always 10 to 20 percent cheaper than in the department store or in the perfumery.

If you also pay attention to special offers such as you can find regularly at Rossmann, for example, you can save more Euros. The online purchase of perfume is also worthwhile if you already know the fragrance, so you do not need a fragrance and you want to save time and money. In 2012 alone, over 6 million people ordered perfume on the Internet¹-and this with an increasing trend. With the help of coupon codes, you can make even more percentages.

If you are still looking for a suitable Christmas gift, you will surely find the right perfume with our tips. If you would like to buy a fragrance especially cheap, you should already look around and compare prices.