Here You Should Not Buy Your Next Smartphone

Danlet is a company that is not going so high up in consumers’ complaints. Competition and consumer protection agency keep an eye on them.

If you have shopped with (Danlet ApS) and is unhappy, you’re not the only one. Trustpilot swims over with negative experiences from customers.

Some of the comments are all about, that you do not get paid for the goods. The majority of the votes is 1 out of 5 stars.

Competition and Consumer Affairs Office has also received complaints about Danlet ApS. Three of the complainants have identical sequences. Here’s mobiles, which are delivered to the repair, will not be sent back to the owners.

On November Declaration of our site has Danlet ApS 5 cases on the list because they have not complied with decisions of the Board of appeal. In May 2011, the company stripped of E-mark.

Hiding well

Danlet Aps is based in Brøndby Strand. According to our site is the company, which started in 2009, still active. The domain our site is currently disabled with DK Hostmaster.

There are indications that Danlet ApS do not want contact from customers and curious journalists. The phone number with the agency head to a doctor handy in Humlebæk, who have had this number in 33 years. The Secretary was somewhat surprised when we called and asked for Danlet.

With DK Hostmaster’s phone number set to 12345678 and the address is a business area in Brøndby. One of the other telephone numbers is provided at a nursing home in Brøndby Strand, who had heard about the company, but not for something good.

We have not managed to pull the Danlets leadership for a comment.