Here Is the Malware-Infected iOS Apps from the App Store

Malware last week snuck into Apple’s closed App Store for iOS so otherwise. A security company has compiled a preliminary list of the infected apps.

Apple has long had a reputation for keeping safety in the closed App Store extremely high in towards the competing app stores like Google Play and Microsoft Store.

Last week, however, Apple had to be beaten by some wily Chinese hackers who had made a copy of Apple’s Xcode Development Programme, which went under the name XcodeGhost.

Developers have downloaded XcodeGhost in good faith instead of the original Xcode, and it paved the way for an easy way to get developers to publish apps intetanede infected with malware that appears to have cheated Apple’s stringent requirements for the approval.

According to security firm Palo Alto discovered malware in the App Store, they were infected apps immediately removed by Apple, and a list of the affected apps now follows. According to security company stated in 86 different apps so far as affected by the malware.

List of apps is predominantly from Chinese developers and addressed to Chinese consumers, but among these is, among other things, the popular WeChat-app with 600 million. users, CamCord and WinZip. See the full list below:

air2 I called MT 2 Perfect365
AmHexinForPad IFlyTek input Pocket billing
Angry Birds 2 (kinesisk udgave) IHexin PocketScanner
baba immtdchs Poor tour
BiaoQingBao InstaFollower Quick asked the doctor
CamCard installer Quick Save
CamScanner iOBD2 QYER
CamScanner Lite iVMS-4500 Railway 12306
CamScanner Pro Jane book SaveSnap
Card Safe jin SegmentFault
China Unicom Mobile Office Lazy weekend snapgrab copy
ChinaUnicom3.x Lifesmart Stocks open class
CITIC Bank move card space Mara Mara SuperJewelsQuest2
CSMBP-AppStore Marital bed Taiwan
CuteCUT Medicine to force Telephone attribution assistant
DataMonitor Mercury The driver drops
Didi Chuxing Micro Channel The Kitchen
Eyes Wide Microblogging camera Three new board
FlappyCircle MobileTicket ting
Flush MoreLikers2
Freedom Battle MSL070 Wallpapers10000
golfsense MSL108 Watercress reading
golfsensehd WeChat
guaji_gangtai en NetEase WeLoop
Guitar Master nice dev WhiteTile
High German map OPlayer WinZip
Himalayan OPlayer Lite WinZip Sector
Hot stock market PDFReader WinZip Standard
I called MT PDFReader Free

Several of the affected apps, such as WeChat, were immediately updated and are again to be found in the App Store. If this is not the case with an app that you have installed, and which appears in the list above, it represents a potential security risk and should therefore be uninstalled immediately.

Since the malware in the infected apps according to ago BGR is able to display false messages, it can potentially be deceiving users into entering their Apple ID. If it has been the case, it should be immediately replaced.