Headset: Learn the History of the Accessory and First Models

Headphones, headphones or headphones.Just like the names, the headphones have also changed a lot and have evolved over the years.But did you know that the accessory was not always used to listen to music?Check out the story that TechTudo has prepared and know the history of headphones and their first models.

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How the headphones came in

Created in 1919 by Nathaniel Baldwin, the headphones came up to aid in communication, being used in amplifiers of telephones and or radios.At the time, it was widely used to carry out communications transmissions, such as radio.However, until that moment, the device was not marketed to the public, since it was made of heavy and large materials.

Accessory Marketing

It was only from 1930 that the headphones began to be commercialized.That’s because the company Beyer dynamic modernized the previous model and managed to develop a device with higher quality and portable.

However, the product became popular in the year 1958, when John C. Koss and Martin Lange invented the first stereo headset.The invention was intended to create an object that would help users listen to their music without disturbing people in the same environment.

Evolution of headphones

The headphones have not always been this handsome and portable accessory as they currently are.The models at the time were large and had cushions in the capsules, as shown in the figure below.

Later, in the decade of 1979, the headphones finally became fever thanks to the success of the walkmans.With this, the models gained a new identity and became much more portable.Sony had a great balcony when launching a walkman that already came with the headphones together.

Unsatisfied, the company launched in ear headphones in the early 1980s, that is, headphones that were inside the ear but were still supported by an arc that skirted the user’s head.The novelty was super modern, not to mention the weight of the accessory that was much lighter.

But despite the success, many users complained that the new headphones did not insulate the sound well, which made headphone cushions come back to fashion – but of course, much more portable than the old ones.

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The headphones made a huge success and, later in the 2000s, the models came even larger.The size was compensated by sound insulation, which improved the sound quality.

In 2001, Apple revolutionized the way we listen to music and, consequently, the headphones.The apple brand created a completely different model from the previous ones, much smaller and much more modern.The accessory came along with the launch of the ipods, which soon dominated the market.

Until 2008, the novelty was another:Monster headphones, the “Beats by Dr. Dre”.The headphone was an idea of ​​rapper Dr. Dre with music producer, Jimmy Iovine.Quickly, the accessory became a fever and everyone used the darling of the users.