Harry Potter-Producer Will Make Temple Run-Film

The popular mobile game, Temple Run, must now not only get people to download it-now it should also entice people to the cinema.

Temple Run must before long now also lure people in movies and not only get people to download the popular game. There must indeed be based a movie on the Indiana Jones-inspired games.

The film will be produced by Harry Potter producer David Heyman, who is behind all of 8 Harry Potter film. It writes our site.

The first Temple Room game was so successful that it was downloaded between 50-100 million times, while Temple Run 2 was an even bigger success-with between 100-500 million downloads for Android.Probably do the same numbers exist on the iOS platform.

These staggering numbers doing so that Warner Bros now have signed up on the pitch and will produce a movie based on these games. The film is expected to have its premiere in 2016.