Handcrafted Wall Clocks

Handcrafted wall clocks They can be made with many different materials, from recycled materials, so fashionable today as original materials or noble, always taking into account the machine’s clock that you buy and the quadrant this properly made…

According to ewenzhou.info, the handcrafted wall clocks they can be made with:

  1. Wood, plate of plywood of different types and colors of wood, puffs with shapes, round or square, They have the advantage of being lightweight and do not damage the machine. The numbers on the dial may be glued, feathering, engraved, painted, etc.
  2. Metal, bronze, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. in plates fine that they may be deployed or simply cut, and the numbers on the dial can be set, recorded with winch or painted in different designs
  3. Carton, a necessary thickness so that it remains firm and do not bend to paint over it, the numbers may be painted or glued. You can also work with decoupage or cartapesta with reliefs
  4. Discs, both paste old, as vinyl or CD, disks are already formatted for a wall clock, you gain in aesthetics of a smart recycling and is very simple to place the machine and the dial numbers

Hanging wall clock , you can use the same machine of the clock that already has a system to hang.

Quadrant numbers must be correctly positioned for that hour of to read correctly and should be very visible.

The needles can be purchased separately from the machine to be able to choose different formats depending on the style you are going to give your wall clock. If this is of modern design we recommend simple, and straight needles that can be painted with acrylic paint to highlight correctly on the background.

Handcrafted wall clocks They have very good commercial outlet and make you look good as wedding or very original and personalized birthday gifts…