Half of Germans Takes Android Better than iOS

Forsa interviewed nationwide the Germans, what they look for, if they buy a Smartphone. One of the results: half of all respondents is better than iOS to Android, and would decide on buying more for an Android Smartphone. On behalf of Congstar, Forsa has 1,015 people (of 514 people with a Smartphone and 501 people, who have not a Smartphone) in November and December 2013 between 14 and 59 then asked, what is important to them in your Smartphone and on what they pay special attention, if it is buy one. A part of the results was published by Congstar.

According to the survey, the operating system is the most important decision on which it is to make sure before buying Smartphone for 38 percent of the respondents. Clear favorite in: Android. Just under half (49 percent) of those surveyed in the Forsa poll said that they prefer the Android operating system with regard to design, number of apps and the ease of use. The younger target group, this decision was even clearer: in the 14-to 29-year old, 54 percent are available on Android. Only 30 percent of those surveyed opted for Apple’s iOS operating system, were 7 percent for Windows phone.

Wonder: the quality of the Smartphone was those important! 54 percent want apps that are working properly, 51 percent want a good picture and sound quality, and 52 percent that your Smartphone is easy to use it is important. An attractive design and a good camera is overall more important than men women. 64 percent of respondents use their Smartphone to surf on the go, almost as many (63 percent) phone calls and texting too. Unusual: For most, the Smartphone is just a commodity. Only one-fifth of 14-29 year olds its Smartphone seen as a status symbol, among older users, there are only 10 percent

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