Gym Wear for Men

Everyone wants to go to the gym with comfortable clothing without sacrificing elegance. A sport requires comfortable garments made from fabrics that breathe the skin, and that with its accessories, allow us to run our business, in full freedom. Not to underestimate the clothing to use in training, we can give you some advice about how he should dress in a man’s gym.

The most important leaders who must not miss

Choosing what to wear to the gym for a man cannot be left to chance, but must be assessed with great care and attention, not to have any nasty surprises. The heads are:

  • The pants should be broad and flexible to allow the body to perform any movement. The polyester shorts Equarea brand offers that absorb and transfer perspiration outwards. There are models suitable for practicing cardio training or aerobic workout. The brand Nike offers shorts with flat seams at a cost of 30-40 euros.
  • The shirts are cotton, short sleeve covering the shoulders and comfortable in order to give the possibility to move freely. Adidas, Puma, Champion their colorful and funny shirts on the market 15 euros.
  • Socks are important and must not be too tight so as not to create problems of blood circulation. The brand Akkua provides us with socks suitable for any sporting activity. They are nonskid, antibacterial, and anatomical accessories improve the performance of the exercises. They are on sale for around 20 euros.
  • The choice of shoes is important because it must wrap the foot, protecting the ankle and be fitted with an orthotic to deaden the repercussions of movements. For fitness exercises should contain the ankle to avoid the risk of procuring of distortions due to fast movements and rapid. Adidas, Puma, Asics, Kempa are all brands specialized in making shoes for a healthy sport. Prices range from 80 to 120 euros for high quality products.

Even the accessories are indispensable

In addition to choosing what to wear to the gym, a man must take into account also the affordable accessories. It is important to have a heart rate monitor to know the sequence of the heartbeat and adapt the exercise to our bodies. It is good to carry a bottle of water to replenish minerals that are lost during physical exertion and a towel to cover the benches during exercises and for wiping away sweat.