Google Speaks Best Cameras in Upcoming Devices Nexus

No one casts doubt on the overall quality of the Nexus products, Google gives enough for a good price, especially with the Nexus 4. But that does not detract that there is criticism of certain aspects of the equipment, such as the inability to expand internal memory either, the quality of the camera when compared to more powerful handsets on the market.

The quality and possibilities of the Nexus 4 camera, both photo and video, is sufficient for the majority of users, but there is always who wants more, and has it publicly, but is not so normal to get official reply.

That is what has happened in a response we have the Vice President of Google, Vic Gundotra, which ensures that they are working especially in the Chambers of its next Nexus, and that we can expect enough of them.

“We are committed to create Nexus phones with incredibly good cameras. “Wait and see”, Vic Gundotra

It seems logical to me to create buzz about something, if they are happy how they are carrying out this development, but better not to comment. When the river sounds…

Leaving us Nexus orbit, but away from Google, we have long been circulating the rumor that the future Motorola X will feature high quality Sony sensors. Motorola phone seems to be designed to be at the high end of the market, not on the Nexus 4 website, but can equally be that they are learning a lot about cameras.

Aside from the issue of the news, what would that they improved the new Nexus ye?