Google Reveals How Many Court Orders Already Fulfilled

In 2010, Google created the so – called Transparency Report, to disclose exact figures on how many court orders the company receives from governments of several countries related to data of its users, or for removing them or asking for more information. Today this tool has received an update and the first time Google has to show what percentage of applications received have been met.

Before Google only showed how many requests were received from governments, but today we know for example that the web giant complied fully or partially 76% of all requests that were sent by the Brazilian government. Requests range in two types: data removal requests or requests for information from users, but Google has not revealed the percentages of each, just the total.

The Google service you receive more data removal requests in Brazil is YouTube, with 75 requests, followed by orkut, with 36. In all, the government of Brazil has 236 data removal requests from July to December last year. In the same period, the government also made ​​more than 1,800 requests from business users of information.

In the first version of the page, released in April 2010, Brazil was at the top of countries that asked for information about Google users, with about 3000 applications. With an update in September this post came to be dominated by the US, with over 4,000 of them.