Google Photos: The Photo App With Unlimited Storage Space Is Here

You remember Picasa? Was Google’s competition with Flickr – a long, long time until the photo storage service became a part of Google +. Now, the Group has released his photo offer from the social network and offers easy image editing and unlimited storage for photos.

Google is available in the course of the day under and as Android and iOS app to download photos. The service will be secure and private home for all of your photos and videos and be accessible from anywhere.

Search More Easily For Photos

Google photos to give you more overview of your many photos and sort your images not only after the recording date. In addition, recognizes the app people, places, and events and displays all matching images in a browser. A search function may not be missing, which took in the demonstration at the keynote of Google I/o about the photos of a snow storm or a baseball game.

Google Photos The Photo App With Unlimited Storage Space Is Here


Google photos shows you not only your images, but also invites edit. You can use the service to create collages, movies, and more, and make simple improvements. The integrated Wizard makes suggestions, what should you do with your photos and videos: create a collage, videos cut together or delete it. The proposed films or collages can edit of course still her before completion.

The images from Google with your friends and the world tell you not only about all possible apps, but also select images and generate a link can allow photos, so that your contacts can see it – installed without a certain app to have, or to have to log in with a Google account.

Google promises an unlimited storage of images with high quality. There is not a limit on the amount of data but images must be no larger than 16 mega pixels, maximum videos must have a full HD resolution.