Google Gives up Several APIs, Including translation Of

More than ten APIs Google are its days numbered. These features, which both help developers create new and interesting applications will be closed until the end of the year. Among various APIs, the most important is probably the Translate API, which allows (allowed? ) Trigger automatic Google translation for varied content.

Google did not give many details about the end of the Translate API. In its documentation for the resource, the company says only that there was a substantial impact caused by “extensive abuse” of the Translate API. “The number of requests you may make per day will be limited,” says the company, which decided to completely close the Translate API support on December 1, 2011.

Unfortunately Google declined to provide more details about what actually was happening to Translate. The company is limited to say that there was abuse, without specifying which.

Anyway, the Google translator (or Google Translate, as you prefer) will continue working and receiving improvements. Only the translation tool for third-party applications will be disabled by Google. It is recommended that developers and Internet users use the Google Translate web element to enable web page translation.

Other APIs that are nearing completion are: Blog Search API Books Data API, Book JavaScript API (old version), Image Search API News Search API Patent Search API Safe Browsing API (version 1), Transliterate API Video Search API and Virtual Keyboard API.