Get Your Key Card in App-Strider, However, Against Our Site Rules

Do you think that it is hard to use your key card from our site? A solution is on the stairs-however in violation against our site rules.

In a few days’ launches a new application called Eapps E-key card, which should make life easier with our site.

The application is an easier and more secure alternative to our site paperboard cards and key shows, how to write E-key card even in a press release.

The application works by the user takes three pictures of his key card. Key codes are stored as digital on the user’s device. By loading encrypted data with PGP encryption, making it difficult for criminals to hack into any codes

May not be used

The idea of making a portable version of Easy ID is smart, but in theory application conflicts, however, against our site’s rules, in which it, among other things, violates section 3.2., which deals with the manner in which it must keep its codes. You cannot use the application without violating the our site rules.

Eapps writes, however, even in the press release that our site not recommend digitisation of key card, and that neither the Nets, Dan ID or Digital Agency has not been involved in the development of the E-key map.

In Apple’s App Store has been available in the application “GemID” longer time without this is removed.

E-key card comes to both Android and iOS.