Garden Tips and Ideas for Home

Live “on air” in no balcony apartment in the middle of a concrete jungle. This is the reality of many people in the big cities. And the setting, which does not seem very conducive to green and refreshing landscapes, makes many people think that having a garden is something impossible. According to landscape architect Elza Niero, “just to be careful with the choice of site and species to have a beautiful indoor garden.” The minimum space for a garden can be up to a window ledge. “The interesting apartment is to enjoy the well – lit corners and put shade plants, which appreciate the decor,” teaches Elza. There are many plants that adapt to indoor environments, such as Polyscia fruticosa (happiness tree, characteristic aroma), the sublime Rhapis (RAFIs), reflex Pleomele (pleomele, of various colors) and Philodendron martianum (Pacova of very bright dark green). For first- time gardeners, seedlings are the best option. “Bulbs and seeds require experience, involving replanting and give a little more work,” says landscape. The list of materials needed includes pot, soil, lining vessel (pebbles or crushing stones, for example), compost to mix with the soil and the plant. Start assembling the vase with stones (which will drain), continue with a layer of earth, accommodate the root ball and finish with more land. Only need to be large enough to hold the entire root ball of the plant and a bit of land around it, to make it more comfortable. The costs vary according to the species and size of the plant. “One herb garden can cost R $ 30,” says Elza. “One garden can reach $ 3000.” Be careful when handling the plants. Be gentle. Attention to watering, too: put water whenever they are dry and never overdo it. Elza says it is easy to see when the garden needs care. If you encounter some bugs, you will see the white or black dots on the leaves and will have to apply some poison. The most common pests are aphids, lizards, scale insects and ants. Fertilize every three months. Internal gardens are important decorative elements. They bring well-being and even pleasant aromas to the apartment. ” They are good for the soul,” says Elza Contacts.