Galaxy SIII Rumors: Appears Suspiciously Available for Reservation, First Image, Ceramic Casing and Screen HD

At this stage people are already aware of the trail which has left Samsung with its Galaxy S line in the Android territory, so it is not surprising all the uproar that is formed around the third (if overlooked dozens of refried, clear) edition of the same.

And it is between rumor and rumor makes more pleasant waiting, for a terminal that is not yet clear when will come out, and that everyone wants to say something. I say this because these days some rumors are taking shape and others not so much, among stores that already have it available, photos supposedly taken by the, confirmations of production with ceramic finishes or images of benchmarks that shed some information to light.

Galaxy SIII, already on sale

It is not what it seems, I can explain it. It is that the Galaxy SIII has emerged as available for booking, even before knowing with certainty what is going to lead the terminal, at our site and a not inconsiderable price of $800. A lot? Because still they paint him as that is worth $1000.

Awesome, right? A pity that made echo the most hype of the moment. Obviously it is not official features, as you can understand, but they are curious and they fit with the most powerful thing that has been said so far, or more. Is for this reason that a processor is not lacking in Quad-Core 1.8 GHz, accompanied by 2 Gb RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, 12 megapixel camera with dual flash and a hole for microSD. All this mounted in a display of 4.65 inches of new technology supposedly designed for this terminal in particular that would be called Super AMOLED III, of which details are unknown. The screen would offer one HD 1280 × 720 resolution and a density of 319ppi pixels.

As I say, this is purely anecdotal, since the data are not available not confirmed with nothing, since to contradict themselves with themselves, so it is on the page of a, cash, somehow to be self-promotion. Hopefully at least one of these predictions is not met, and the terminal cost 765 euros free of permanent change, although it would not appear me so crazy taking into account that the SII was worth 689 euros at its launch.

Finally, ceramic casing

This part is one of the most reliable (into disbelief, clear) everything how much is known, and is nothing more and nothing less, because it comes from a Tweet, @Eldarmurtazin which confirms that Galaxy SIII is now in the stages of production, and that would lead ceramic casing.

Not given more importance, if not because Eldar Murtazin is an old acquaintance in the advancement of data in the mobile industry quite rightly. Murtzain also confirmed previous data as 4.8 screen inch, HD resolution and four-core processor.

The Galaxy SIII opens your camera

This image that you can see, has been found in the Picasa albums of someone who, in theory, is interior to Samsung. If you have noticed above, the designation of the SIII Galaxy expected to be it of GT-i9300, so this photo would correspond to this model.

According to this, the terminal would mount a 8 megapixel rear camera, that by the way, are not you noticed. Keep in mind that the metadata of a photo can be modified and the image can be touched, to be thought to someone who actually works in Samsung.

Goodbye to the “ Super Retina Display & #8221;

Finally we have two conflicting cases, around that Galaxy SIII is really the GT-i9300, or that you do not attach a screen Full HD or HD. It is, a right, a benchmark of GLBenchMark, where it collects a 1196 × 720 resolution, so according to this would be HD.

And on the left, the profile User Agent of a terminal known as GT-i9300, which would be associated with a resolution of 1024 × 600. These data were collected by the renowned Android Community portal.

This is why all rumors are still too scattered, to exception is clear that the expectation of this new terminal is tremendous, and the back cover can be finally ceramic type. That’s why wouldn’t take seriously none of these rumors, but as mere guidance of where will the shots still on the warship, which perhaps Samsung say something in these coming days.