Funny Jeans: The Funniest Cowboys

This year comes the funniest fashion,  Funny jeans. In the  blog of children’s fashion and childcare, we teach you this trend, jeans where they accumulate patches, patches and more patches.

Undoubtedly, these jeans with patches, or also called Funny jeans, are one of the star garments on the catwalk, and already make these types of pants brands like DKNY and Dior, and that Mom, come and see us in a  proposal Low cost adapted for children.

Denim is still strong this season, even for the kids in the house, as indexdotcom says. Do you remember when our mothers put knee pads and patches on our pants when they broke? For now it is a trend for us adults as well as for the youngest of the house.

By wearing patches with so many colors, they allow an infinite number of possibilities. With a denim shirt, plaid shirt, sweatshirt, basic shirt… Remember the article we dedicated this summer to the double denim and where we saw that the total cowboy look is full trend.

As I was saying, Martina, the protagonist of today’s Mini Street Style, carries a low cost version of the Funny jeans trend. He wears Zara Kids pants that went on sale for € 22.95 and, as expected, are already sold out, and a shirt from Kiabi € 9.

Funny jeans: pants custom

Martina Pants, leading not being available, does not mean that we have to give up the low cost of the Funny version jeans and you propose to cheaper version yet. We are sure that we have in house pants of our children, that have been broken by the knees, what better way to extend its use ?, to DIY (Do It Yourself) and easy, choose a few patches and stickers that we like and With little money, little work and little time, we will have tuned and the latest jeans (insurance ask us to where we have bought the original trousers).

Obviously, we do not have to be limited to pants, I’m already thinking tune to Cowgirl jacket which is now a bit bland

I do not want to end this post, not to thank the gorgeous Martina and her mother Estela. You know that participate in this section of the blog is very easy and that I look forward to receiving your proposals!!