Fun Toys for the Holidays

The holidays are here and will the children stay at home? Do not worry, there are many things they can do to entertain and have fun with both the family and the little friends.

On colder or rainy days, the ideal is to use and abuse toys that stimulate the creativity of children and also make them forget about television and video games.

Check out toy tips you find at Alô Bebê to cheer and entertain the kids on vacation:

Super Magnetic Board My supercritical Mary Doll for girls, in which they can make their own clothes combinations and dress the Mary doll.

Mario Kart Friction Cart Friction cart for boys who can play or collect.

Jogo Monta Palavras Multidisciplinary children learn by playing and can still call their friends and family for fun.

Toys are part of our childhood, so it is important for parents and moms to encourage their use by children because they are not only entertaining but also playful, didactic and stimulate sense organs, sensory functions, motor and emotional development of children.

See other models of toys:

Brilliant 3D Drawing Board creates 3Dimages that bounce off the screen and glow in the dark. Comes with glasses.

Joking Kid Train Removable chair with colored pieces that assembled form a little train.

At Hello Baby you will find all kinds of children’s toys at BehealthyBytomorrow, for all ages and great brands. Check it!