Frida & Kafka-Streetwear from Münster

Still in December last year-sounds so far again-so last month, Deniz from Frida & Kafka wrote me, if I would not even look at their collections and write about it with pleasure. I liked these two collections so much that I do not let me say that twice and actually lose a few words.

Thanks to Frida & Kafka you also have the possibility to win your first shirt from her collection, but later on. First of all, I would like to lose a few words about the Münster Streetwear label and its collections, then there is the profit play.

Frida&Kafka-Streetwear Or Cats?

As already briefly torn is Frida & Kafka a streetwear label from Münster, which exists since 2014. However, the name has something to do with cats, with two lovely cats, a good friend, who inspired the name of the label.

The label started with motifs, which they simply found cool. A pizza, a pineapple and a cupcake. On the shirt printed, the slogan underneath set “Fuck Off”, since there was no greater sense behind it and finished was the first collection. You can see it in the lower part, the photos shown at the beginning are from the current collection “Basic Fuck Off”.

When asked why Frida & Kafka does what she did, there was the following answer:

“I simply believe that it is a lot of fun for us to implement” spontaneous “ideas and to develop ourselves further, with the label and of course with our style.”

The current collection is definitely intended for the autumn/winter and comes in contrast to the first collection without shirts.Rather, women are put on the Quilt Jacket Black as a key item, and in the men on a red/black plaid flannel shirt, the Flanell Red . But this is not the end of the shirt in gray/black, for women and men as well as stylish loop scarves and chic beanies. Which should bring us all through the winter.

The shirt, which is intended as the key-item of the collection, is of course the focus of this. The label has a 120g / m² flannel made of 100% cotton as a basic material, which is roughened. On the front of the shirt, a breast pocket is placed on the left and on the right, the front label of Frida & Kafka is also on the right chest pocket.The shirts are slightly smaller, so you should take a bigger numberwhen ordering from the Frida & Kafka online store.

The Beanies of the label rely on 100% Soft-Touch Acrylic as used starting material as well as Vintage Style. The actually quite simple head cover is made with the “Double Layer Knit” technique, which is really not to say that a reversible, two-layered, double-thick fabric is created.

“Double knitting creates a reversible, two-layer, double-thick fabric. You work both sides of the fabric at once, with stitches from each side of the fabric alternating on the needles.When working a double knit fabric, you will first work a stitch from the side of the fabric facing you and then you will work a matching stitch from the opposite side of the fabric. “

The so-called Snowflake Beanies are 100% polyacrylic and come with a stylish bobble at the top of the beanies. Personally I would wear this version of the headgear only in the winter, because it simply fits in style. Otherwise, I would use the “simple” Beanie, which can be well-dressed in autumn or spring.

Either way, I think Frida & Kafka have created an interesting collection, which is based on simple but still very stylish clothes.Instead of having too much extravagant details or to have garments in the assortment, one has concentrated on a few and convinces with style, workmanship and quality. As I think it should be, rather class rather than mass.

In addition to the current collection, there is also the “Unknown Pleasures” collection, which comes from the summer of 2014. What you can see on the shirts as the only garment. The label was inspired by his two names, the cats Frida and Kafka. Since the label wanted to represent the cats, the Cat Content Pocket Shirts were created.

In addition to the Cat Content Pocket Shirts, there were three more shirts, which are decorated with motifs, which the label simply found cool. A pizza, a pineapple and a cupcake. On the shirt printed, the slogan underneath set “Fuck Off”, since there was no greater sense behind it and finished was the first collection. Quite simply, but seems to have arrived, otherwise you would hardly have a second collection.

Get A Flanell Red From The Current Collection Of Frida & Kafka

Now we come as promised to the sweepstakes. To win, there is a Frida & Kafka Basic Fuck Off-Flanell Red from the current collection of the label. Winning is quite simple in itself, comments under this article and tells us which piece of clothing you would combine the shirt in everyday life.

The random decides among the submitted comments. As always participation without guarantee. The raffle starts on 9 January 2015 at 12:15 pm and ends on 16 January 2015 at 20:00, the winner will be contacted by mail and now good luck!