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As recently reported, we have expanded the range of online shops design place to a considerable number of designer lamps. Today, therefore, we would like from Louis Poulsen, a known quantity of lighting design, report. For decades, the Danish manufacturer is one of the leading suppliers of designer lamps and light architecture. His reputation can probably be traced back to a consistent product philosophy. Functionality, simplicity and quality are the focus Poulsen.The aim is to realize a product design in which there are no pure decorative elements-everything has to serve a purpose, everything else is omitted.Following this guiding principle, brings the traditional company either continuously new and impressive designer lamps on the market, but also made known design classics of the highest quality and attention to detail.

AJ-Design Written by Arne Jacobsen

The lamp series AJ is a classic of Scandinavian design. Behind the modern, simple form is the renowned Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. The basis of the AJ forms a stable and well-proportioned feet, from which the table lamp elegant stretches in 56 cm height to open there in the significant screen. With its conical shape of the underlying area is illuminated with a direct, conical light. Of course, the sunshade can be the tipping AJ table lamp, adjust the direction of light in this way and so adaptation to individual needs. The shade is painted white on the inside and may thus reflect and diffuse light.Louis Poulsen makes the AJ series in black and white and in different colors. The puristic table lamp fits well with the writing or bedside table, it is suitable as a reading lamp and can convince on any sideboard or coffee table with its timeless clarity.

PH Artichoke-The Queen of European luminaire Designs

This suspension lamp by Louis Poulsen is now probably every design lovers a term. Its creator of Danish designer Poul Henningsen designed originally for the Langelinie Pavilion restaurant in Copenhagen. A decorative pendant light is the construction system PH Artichoke, a structure made of steel sheets, which serves as a carrier for the metal flakes. Even after more than 50 years has not lost its appeal of this innovative and stylish design. Depending on the environment is an execution in copper, stainless steel or white the right choice. The pendant lamp PH Artichoke combines sophisticated functionality with a graceful appearance. The plurality of angled metal sheets, mounted in series, ensures a skilful distribution of light and gives the artichoke their characteristic shape. Because of this construction is running to be never blinded danger with the PH Artichoke. In precisely sized or angle the leaves are on the illuminated surface. Two trumpet-shaped luminescent panels close off the upper end of the filament and thus take over the illumination towards the room ceiling. The PH Artichoke is in this way from all around evenly diffused light. It ensures even in large rooms for a balanced lighting from Depending on the size of bulbs come with a power 200-500 watts for use.

The Ethereal Glow of Patera

With Louis Poulsen only proven design classics written by Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton are associated often. In addition to these sizes of luminaire designs the name Poulsen is but certainly also for contemporary designs that know how to impress with extraordinary design. So comes the graceful look and smart design of the pendant lamp Patera of the young designer Øivind Slaatto. The surface of the spherical mirror ball is made up of many, diamond-shaped cells. Each of them light up and catches the light so that they serve as a glare protection at a viewing angle of about 45 degrees. The matt, white cells are simultaneously opened at an angle of 45 degrees and so direct the light downward. The Patera are on all sides from brightness, a small amount of light to be lodged in the ceiling. This uniform and atmospheric lighting looks great in restaurants or even in large, private rooms with high ceilings is the ball of light to best advantage.

Direct Light With Toldbod

Minimalist, modern and discreet, so comes the small hanging Toldbod Louis Poulsen. This new interpretation of a long-standing form offers functional and aesthetic clarity. Their cone shape that radiates Toldbod exclusively downwards. The direction certain light is emitted very efficiently by the reflector. The aluminum screen is available in several attractive color combinations, so the Toldbod can easily survive in different environments. Also in series or cluster itself makes this pendant light well and is very tasty, depending on the color selection can be a correct eye.