Former Apple Chief Calls on Apple to Buy Our Site

The former top-manager believe that Apple could change e-commerce by buy-for example our site.

The well-known great investor Carl Icahn has previously advised the Apple Executive, Tim Cook, to buy more of the company’s own shares and thus create a greater yield. This has also been the old Apple-man John Sculley to come up with more advice to Apple. It writes our site.

-“Apple is about creating good products and to build and shape markets. I see Apple will continue to build and even make big, strategic acquisitions, “says John Sculley to our site.

John Sculley has, among other things, Tim Cook to buy online auction house eBay. He also believes that Apple by an acquisition of eBay could help to change the way e-commerce is today.

These statements are particularly eye-catching, as the former Apple boss in particular is remembered for, to freeze the Steve Jobs out of the company-as well as Apple only has historically bought smaller companies and integrated their technologies in Apple’s products.

Sculley stressing over for the BBC, that he has no knowledge of Apple’s plans, but just think it is time to change strategy.