For the Love of the Maxi Vests

In the last few days I’ve been sorting my locker, classify the garments and identify those that don’t use; whether to remodel them or give away them. Among them I found a beige vest maxi, which I would not start for several months, almost a year. I had forgotten it completely. Before he only used it to go to the beach, as a bath output, however it occurred to me give a twist different, a little more elegant and looking to challenge.

From some seasons back sleeveless blazers and long vests as described in long outerwear have been marking a trend among bloggers and fashionistas. They are usually thicker fabrics and work perfectly in warm, cold, or temperate climates. This version I chose the vest Maxi is the most appropriate for the Caribbean environment fly free in the breeze, keeping the freshness. What I like about the vests, is that they are the ideal choice to play with layers, without adding bulky. With almost infinite long, and straight lines are also very flattering for all type of bodies.

Normally this type of clothing that move like a layer with the wind, give me the feeling that I am a superheroine (do you also happens?). For this reason I wanted a strong look. I went with him of my little black dress – the one that I use all the time-a belt of taches golds, black boots and a portfolio of Hue & Sat, to add color to the dress. I hope you like it!

Love, a twin.