For The Love of Sports: Pedal Rosa Celebrates Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day on two wheels was one of the alternatives available to women in Vilhena. On Saturday afternoon, 7, about 100 athletes attended the 1st Pedal Rosa, event promoted by Bike Club Vilhena and Military Police. The walk took as a starting point the Plaza Nossa Senhora Aparecida, in the central area of ​​the city, and walked along the streets and avenues. According to one of the organizers Junior Gatto, the initiative aims to make people aware of the practice of physical exercise and encourage the practice, in particular, of cycling.

– In the last tour we did to the Blue Lagoon, the number of members of the group increased by 30% – he adds.

Before walking the 8km ride, the athletes warming up, put on safety equipment and hydrated. The pedal has gathered from old adepts of cycling, to debutants, as is the case of the lawyer Cláudia Maria Soares, who already practices swimming and thinks to add in the list of physical exercises, cycling routes.

“It’s a very positive initiative because it encourages sports, and it’s also an opportunity to interact with more people who like to exercise and make friends,” he says.

Making new friends is also on the list of possibilities of Nelsina Passos with his participation in the cycling event. The student participates in the Bike Club Vilhena since December 2014, besides attending gym and maintaining a balanced diet.

“It’s a chance to get out of the house, meet new people, and of course, honor the women,” he says.

The marketer Eliane Martim has been pedaling for six years and the love of cycling is so much that she has a shop that specializes in bicycles. The sportswoman prefers to cycle at night and in the middle of the bush. One of her goals in nightly activities is to see a jaguar, but to this day, she said, she only saw the trail.

– It’s a great achievement, because the bike is being valued. The environment thanks-emphasizes.

The event also had the participation of professional athletes such as the triathlete Daniela Paz, who in October will participate in a triathlon competition in Chicago, United States.

“It’s a great way to lessen prejudice about women’s cycling.” This motivation in doing exercises contributes to good physical and mental health – informs.

The tour ended at Messengers Square, with the distribution of gifts.