Food Tips in Pregnancy

1 – Keep folic acid levels in day during pregnancy
2 – Beware of the calories during pregnancy
3 – Do not forget breakfast
4 – Pregnant can eat sushi!
5 – Meats are safe for pregnant women
Pregnancy is one of the most exciting moments of a woman’s life. The body changes, but also life as a whole. In this process of change, it is important to have a healthy diet to ensure that mother and baby are receiving the necessary nutrients.

What Pregnant Women can Eat

What few people know is that the changes that occur in the body of the pregnant mother and baby are at an increased risk of food poisoning. This is because the immune system is more cutaway and is more complicated fight infections. And like everything you eat can be contaminated by bacteria, viruses and parasites, it is best to always wash it and eat carefully, places that only you know the origin. Following five days of legal power in pregnancy that you may not know.

1 – Keep the Acid Folic Fees on Day During Pregnancy 

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Folic acid in ages amounts in mom’s body is a more practical and safest way to help your child become a healthy baby. During the first month of pregnancy, folic acid can reduce the risk and significant numbers of neural tube defects and spina bifida. In other words: you’re addressing these through your diet a bad formation of the baby.

Most physicians want to ensure that the diet of pregnant women is appropriate, therefore prescribe a daily multivitamin with 400 micrograms of fólicol acid. But you can get the same rates with foods such as breakfast cereals, the good old bread, rice and pasta eating a variation of these items every day.

2 – Beware of Calories in Pregnancy 

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During the first months of pregnancy be careful with the food, because the weight gain is not constantly noticed. Some women will even lose weight during the first trimester of pregnancy because malaise that prevents them from eating and drinking normally. That famous morning sickness, for example, is one of the most terrible for those in search of the ideal body.

But after 13 weeks, the sick leaves and starts the constant hunger and weight gain can be the greatest.

A mother fatten up to two kilograms per month is healthy for woman and baby, more than that can increase various fees and endanger the baby’s life. Better not risk it.

3 – DO not Forget Breakfast 

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For anyone is the most important meal of the day, and does not change with the arrival of maternity pregnant should eat everything she can and is healthy, trying to overcome morning sickness. Cereals added nutrients such as calcium in their diet. For those who have morning sickness, try whole wheat toast.

Eat high-fiber foods to start the day.

Choose a variety of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, cooked vegetables, banana and melon. Try brown rice or oats. All this helps in digestion and keep your bowels regulated, as well as help in baby nutrition.

4 – Pregnant can Eat Sushi

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Foods such as raw milk, unpasteurized cheese sushi, and cold are part of a list to be more careful, not prohibition. They all represent a high risk of food borne diseases. For pregnant, food poisoning is more common and the day to day is not fun for anyone. Because of the change in the immune system, circulation and metabolism, pregnant women are more likely to have such diseases. Although the risk of contracting a food borne illness with sushi is great, there is nothing wrong with eating cautiously.

5 – Meats Are Safe for Pregnant Women 

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It is wise to avoid under cooked meats, hot dogs, bacon and ham during maternity or choose those that are made without added nitrites. Well nourished and well past meats have no problem and are important for nutrition.