Floral Prints in Fashion 2016

It was trend spring summer 2016 and now coming back with all the winter the floral prints make the head of many women, with their colors, romantic, vintage and modern style they leave any more visual fashion and cheerful. They are versatile and perfect for any occasion or environment, but it is always good to remember that to use them at night you need to bet on a more sophisticated pattern.

Fun they are successful where they spend transmitting cuteness and romance, but it takes some care to use them depending on your body type, people with wider hips should avoid maxi prints and prioritize the minors, who are not very accustomed to using floral prints start also for small prints or spots d’agua they are more discreet. Who is more skinny can abuse prints of all forms because the body type helps a little, but who is fatter should also avoid larger prints because they give volume and can not favor your body.

Resses are timeless, so are successful in any occasion or season, floral dresses can compose a beautiful look and it romantic or sexy depends on the dress model.

A floral print brings vitality to your look making it more cheerful and harmonious perfect for use on sunny days. For those who prefer a little break romanticism of the print tip is: use a dark color piece overlap like a leather jacket with a floral blouse, leaves the super modern look, if accompanied by an ankle boot also dark-colored leaves look with a grunge footprint.

When combining them with shoes one suggestion is to combine with bamboo shoes they give a special touch in the look or if you prefer to wear shoes with warm and cheerful colors is a valid option and are show! Search also sneakers and sandals with laces together potentiate the romantic style provided by flowers. Another tip: for those looking for a more discreet look always to wear a floral piece combine with another plain color, so it can be used in more formal settings.But those who like to vent in the prints can switch between them and use a piece with a tiny print and another part with a maxi print, or if you prefer the famous set thus the look is super fashion and perfect for use on a daily basis, tours and daytime parties.

In 2016 the prints more views will be of medium size with a certain spacing between the flowers leaving clear background, the colors that will prevail are shades of blue, red, purple and green, and are more seen in whole pieces like dresses or sets . Floral in winter is new so do not go leave to take to perfect the costume riding fancy looks, cheerful and elegant to raze this winter.