Five ROMs with Ice Cream Sandwich for The Samsung Galaxy SII

A few weeks ago Samsung began to upgrade its Samung Galaxy SII to Ice Cream Sandwich. In a staggered fashion, the Korean company has begun to serve the new version of Android, and with it new. As usual, the layer of software has an important role and in this case TouchWiz doesn’t let us enjoy one of the main benefits: the Holo interface.

If you pass to the server, you want Ice Cream Sandwich as is, without any kind of aesthetic modifications. We have prepared a selection of five ROMs so enjoy the new experience that offers this update of Android. Stable versions that work seamlessly and are an alternative perfectly to what Samsung offers.

Before you begin, prepare your Samsung Galaxy SII

Probably many of you already know the standard procedure for flashing a ROM. We put the zip file in the phone memory, access to the Recovery and install it. However, not everyone knows all the steps so if you’ve never rooted your Samsung Galaxy SII here we explain how. The rest of the process is simple and is as we have described it: we got the ROM, we put it in the memory, reboot into Recovery to install it.

The process is not complicated, but if you don’t have much idea It is best to read and ask before to do something. Fortunately, and thanks to ODIN, it is virtually impossible to convert our Galaxy SII in a nice paperweight. So do things without fear, but not without relying on excess. Explained this, we continue.

Resurrection Remix

Although now many developers bet on source code that Samsung released recently to develop their ROMs, there was who started the development time back with the original Google code. This original remittance have some versions that have a development very long and the experience has become a grade.

This is the case of Resurrection Remix, a ROM created by westcrip. Today, and after a few unstable versions, is one of the best options that exist: all Ice Cream Sandwich functionality working correctly, Holo theme and performance more than good. The battery life has improved a lot and we can endure a full day without problems.

More information | Resurrection Remix


Another ROM that comes stomping. Based on AOKP, that not AOSP, we find a stable version that includes all the features of series of Ice Cream Sandwich. By default with the ROM come almost all apps from Google, but not all by that, depending on the use you are going to do, play us flashed subsequently from the Recovery.

After a few updates today Hydrogen It works perfectly and does not have any major failure. If Resurrection Remix you fails to convince, to taste colors, this is a very interesting alternative.

More information | Hydrogen


If you are still a little home development in Android possibly know that there are a few Spaniards, and Spanish-speaking, dedicated to create ROMs. AndyX It is developed by a Uruguayan. New: Ice Cream Sandwich without modifications, beyond the icons and small details.

The ROM has all Google applications by default, so it not be flashed then. As the other releases that we discussed in this post, is completely stable and has, of course, with Spanish between the available languages.

More information | AndyXROM

Simplistic ROM

One of the issues most critical to the chefs, the developers of ROMs, is that sometimes the amount of additives is large enough. So, there are people who are committed to create lighter versions with what is right and necessary. Doing justice to its name we have Simplistic ROM.

Simple, without additives and in several flavors for those who want extra functionality. Simplistic offers Ice Cream Sandwich such which and with only a few additives. The end result: a light version, which takes up little space, but offers all the basics for our day to day.

More information | Simplistic ROM

UltraICS Holo

We have just our list with other simple ROM: Ice Cream Sandwich without too many pretensions. Alongside Simplistic It is possibly the most faithful to the Holo interface Since you just enter additives in the icons and menus. Moreover, the same functionality that we have seen in the previous four. The battery life is excellent.