First Impressions of Motorola RAZR

We are not stopping with the Mobile Word Congress, and that makes us closer to absolutely all the stands, and not could miss Motorola and the treatment that’s going to happen to receive after the purchase by Google which is still waiting to be approved in a part of the market regulators.

Bet Motorola to make known their current terminals, without news on the front, something that has left us with a taste somewhat bittersweet, although it is understandable to have thrown the Motorola Razr a couple of months ago and it is not the best time of listing many new features for those who bought the terminal.

However we have been able to take advantage of to briefly see the Motorola Razr, which meets and exceeds expectations, offering. The terminal draws attention by its major characteristics, which is the low thickness that has 7 mm, giving one of the slimmer handsets on the market, true to its name inspired by a blade, with a lightness that leaves stunned, but is strong enough to have a Crystal Gorilla Glass that allows a resistance to the daily life of a smartphone test.

Except that, the 1.2 GHz dual-core processor gives a fluidity exceptionally, all with an internal memory of 16 GB It makes it one of the juiciest terminals that we have in the market. For now we can’t say too much more

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