Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016 Trends

The fashion summer 2016 does not promise many significant changes in your wardrobe. A lot is what you have seen, and other modernities are very reliving the past and the most glamorous years of fashion. Designers are coming back with all I believe that should never die, with a new look and modern touches, and this seems to be a trend for the next two shows of the sector. The Rio Fashion Week 2016 showed that much of what’s in your wardrobe with a few additions, can be tapped.

High Waist Still Fashionable Summer 2016

It seems that extra waist low 90s and early 2000s did not back it. Ha who adore the waist Quera and show your navel pierced, but will have to hide their jewelry. No fashionista showed low waist.The fashion now is the high waist pants, short skirts and high waist with the same model. The brand Coca Cola Jeans showed that gives to innovate a little with different seams to make high waist become more elegant, but that’s it.

The designer Patricia Vieira bet envelope skirt high waist can be a gamble for the elegant woman.And once again, show more than two centimeters of belly is out of fashion. The cropped style still is, but in combination with the high waist and showing no more than necessary. The more discreet for your model, the better for the look.

Transparency is More Discreet Fashion in 2016

Some have loved to use a more worked bra with transparency fashion this year. For the next hot season, it should leave the scene. The income is, and sleeves or transparent applications as well.But more than that is not indicated. And as irony of the designers, little is seen of extra short clothes and body out. No turtlenecks but closed blouses and more formal models inspired by the haute couture of the 50s is what most appears on the catwalk.

A turn in modeling would be the jeans bell mouth. He does not drag over the ground like in the 70s, but still with the traditional blue jeans washing and looser leg. It’s just at the waist, highlighting the measures of the hip as well.

Sober Tones to Dominate the Fashion Summer 2016

Another trend present in some famous brands in the Rio Fashion Week 2016 was the presence of discrete colors and sober tones. The gray and beige dominated the fashion week Coca Cola Jeans, especially the graphite gray and beige. White, always present when warmer days come, it starts to become trend too.

The designer Patricia Vieira also got light prints and domain parts green pool, orange and yellow, colors always bet for summer fashion. The neons and vibrant tones that emerged in 2014 and fashion floral prints look like they should not come next year. Summer 2016 fashion is cleaner, clearer, more focused on models in colors to draw attention.

Speaking of blue, it seems that the color should even dominate the streets. Several brands have shown variations of blue, maybe a fashion color trend summer 2016. The TNG was closed with the blue, discreet and perhaps a variant of the black as the basic color for day to day. Pure wash jeans should also stay and colorful jeans leaves the scene.

Beachwear Trendy Summer 2016

Boldness 2015 should not continue in the Brazilian sands next year. The modeling are more discrete and short not appeared on the catwalk. The fashion now is to use swimsuit made without decoupage V shown in some models of São Paulo Fashion Week. Cariocas designers bet on front tops and bikini top and high waist to value other measures besides the excessive sensuality.

The fashion colors summer 2016 are not very different from last year. Floral prints are left out, giving way to solid combinations like orange and yellow, green and blue, black and white. Okay classic and visually clean.