Fashion Tricks to Make You Look Slimmer

Fashion can be an ally to help women balance the proportion of the body. It is not always happy with his time, and who is very low or high the choice of ideal clothes can be a real challenge. If you want to earn cm or visually lose some, some fashion tricks can help you (and pretty!).

Fashion tricks for “shorties”

Set on the scale

For those who have short stature is best to avoid anything that is too wide or bulky, because they let the silhouette out of balance.When you use a large part, that’s because the size is wrong or because she’s purposefully bulky, just expanding the body laterally.The best is to bet in most tissues and fluids and they are well adjusted.

The scale of detail should also be considered carefully, since they affect in the same way in the body: pieces that have very large details make you be “swallowed” by the clothes. It is necessary to align the proportions, so prefer delicate accessories. If you want to use a large print, the trick is to do this in a dry modeling.

If you want to look taller, look for blouses and shortest bass parts, which help create an illusion of lower trunk and legs bigger. The pieces that leave the legs to shows are always a good idea! For the sweaters, opt for that end up in the bone of the pelvis or above. If they are long, it is best to use on the inside of the bottom, which should have the belt in place to create the effect of stretching.

Attention to the waist

It is very common to think of lengths midis as villains, however, what really makes a difference is the placement of the waist. The waist is the real problem and not the bar. If she is in place and used with a jump will leave you well proportioned, even with a midi skirt or cropped pants. Low end up stretching the torso, which causes a feeling of very short legs.

Combining colors

Another detail that can make all the difference is the choice of colors, which can be deceiving. Close tones and monochromatic looks make the eye run and help a lot. Do not make exaggerated contrasts with the parts if you want to look higher, especially if the waistline is low.

Fashion tricks for tall women

Create contrast

For small the advice would be to avoid contrast, for those who do not want to show the height recommended is doing exactly the opposite: bring more contrast between the upper and lower parts of the clothing is very positive because it automatically divides the silhouette. You can dare to much more on color combination.

Bet on overlay

I haven’t included a third piece in their productions? Believe me, this is a great feature to let the visual interesting and still achieve more balance. Create layers helps a lot especially with jackets and coats in addition to the hip line, or even the well long. Everything is too short you stretches more, and if you do not want it can be negative.

Adjusting the sizes

Everything is too small or short is going to stretch even more, so be careful when choosing accessories and other items for the wardrobe: big prints and spaced are interesting, because they increase a little the body width and leave the ideal proportions. Their tops can also be longer and gives to risk lower waists. If you choose a high-waisted skirt or pants, balance doing overlaps with longer pieces or more prints and bright colors.

Finding pants

Who is high you know how complicated it can be to find pants with the bar in place, however, some modeling makes buying easier.The flare usually has a good bar longer than all the other pants, so it’s a good option and thus your silhouette. The pants, especially jeans or denim, shorter are not a problem and fall well, but be careful to leave them four or five fingers shorter than usual, to make them look smaller and intentionally not that were bought wrong.