Fashion Trends Autumn Winter 2017

Not only accessories! We go on ahead to the Super to reveal a preview of the autumn-winter fashion collections 2016/2017. Make a note of the coolest brands in circulation and carried out 13!

Bruno Bordese

Surprises with special effects and original details. With its orange tints, fly and copper. Many proposals in the collection, from biker high, passing through the amphibian or black leather flat but leaving everyone speechless oversized wedges are clearly inspired by Japanese, already in the summer collection but presented now with multicoloured fur and sole tank.


It’s called Circus the collection presented in Milan because for Bucobianco winter is to live as if we were inside a large theatrical performance, with characters who paraded on a stage consisting of surreal size, flowers, animals and geometric architecture and dreamlike. T-shirt, bermuda and unisex cardigan all declined in the various graphic designs that characterize the collection net. Win full colors of light. There are the colorful plexiglass brooches.


The signature is the young Corinne, box its the layering, cut and I do not see that always start from a total boldness of shapes. Bodysuits and leggings become little works of art adorned with leather inserts and sparkling embroidery. The super stage goes Opera, body for a woman who wants to leave his mark. A woman with an armature, which winks, who remains harmonious, which turns out to be irreverent.

Grace Fw 11

There are dresses and knitwear from essence basic and great versatility. An evolution of the underwear offered in key indoor/outdoor for a female ultra fine. For next autumn/winter, the mood is mannish and masculine cuts and shapes here are revisited in feminine, thanks to the materials and colors. Must have the men’s Pajamas paired with mohair knitwear by volumes over trouser, cropped cuts-fused. WINS bordeaux, bottle green, fluorescent red and acid green.

Kim Shui

It is part of one of the 11 Super Super Talents # 7 with his attention to detail and choice of luxury materials combined with a sartorial workmanship of heads. Coming from New York, Kim Shui, often base in Rome, and gave birth to a brand that is inspired by a concept of femininity loud and disruptive, never over the top, and he sees in functionality and design its strength. Room for the play of colors, geometric patterns and textural contrasts, all to create an alluring, spontaneous and eccentricities ever built. There’s the Italian lace, snake skin leather patchwork and in stark contrast to the classic applications and strong tartan.

Little Shilpa

She also belongs to the most interesting creative fashion, seen on Super and part from one thought in mind: translating in a contemporary collection vintage. The result is an eclectic mix of multicultural inspirations which translates into clothes made with innovative materials, in a game of overlapping and colour block. There are linear forms but also architectural constructions in the creations of Shilpa, good at giving the entire collection one interruption.


The Indonesian brand is inspired by a concept of timeless beauty, as Lotus flowered. Are tailoring those come out, suitable for all hours of the day. Autumn-winter 2016/2017 draws inspiration from the city of Prague, by his art and Central European style easily recognizable and gives life to the collection highlights, able to mix elements that appear to come from the Roman Empire to the modern day. The brand’s characteristic overlapping volumes and proportions.