Fashion Styles for Famous People

Mario Pini

The Neapolitan designer who comes from the world of jewelry presents to Super a shoe collection that have become in short one of the highlights of the whole trade fair. Shoes with a heel, which is nothing but a can of Coke, crushed. Colors and mood inspiration comes from the Red Flash across the face of David Bowie, revised from Lady Gaga, to which the same collection is inspired. It is fundamental to femininity, Roberto Cavalli, which includes in its collection metallic elements combined with precious leathers like ostrich and Python. Grunge style that differs from the usual classifications to create real objects of desire.

Marit Ilision

Arriving from Estonia the purely conceptual fashion designer from multidisciplinary approach, she who over the years has earned the nickname poet of fashion. Associates prints full of vibrant colors to clean silhouette with pure lines to arrive at an intellectual mood, minimalist and poetic. The collection presented in Milan is inspired by the long winters from the far North and for its realization were used THEDRESSEXPLORER vintage Wool blankets, lit by Swarovski crystals.


He was born in Florence in 2013 from the encounter of two cultures and passion for art. An acronym for master of arts, MOA holds a collection of sneakers that sense of athletic luxury arts. Style and Italian creativity joins the Asian know-how. the result? An urban shoe with an innovative design and artistic influences. The assets also a collaboration with Disney, featuring Mickey Mouse.


They speak Italian, come from Tuscany and are returning from Paris fair where they presented their collection. Shoes born of a mix of leather and natural raw materials, able to recreate that perfect balance between form, style and charm. The new collection comes in different styles that are capable of taking life in sneakers but also boots. Versatile models born in skin but also in stretch fabric, where the heel is available in three different heights. In our color chart space to dark brown, grey, blue and Burgundy.


It’s completely self-taught but none the less effective the twenty something designer Pambukhchyan Shushan, Armenian but currently based in Kiev. Heads clean cut, only that point to a perfect fit, playing with layers, with origami Couture and playing styles of nine different countries. Make way for the cotton, with silk but also to neoprene, all combined with elements of knitwear for dresses and pantsuits.


The eponymous designer of Armenian descent presents its brand on the market for the first time in 2013 and today we find in the list of the 11 Super Super Talent. His creations are sophisticated boho chic allure, characterised by an invoice couture and a strong appeal to the art world. Besides the couture line by 2015 was born a ready-to-wear line. The Super was presented a collection dedicated to 100 years of fashion designer and grandfather to his art from which were taken up colors and patterns. Volume space over, neoprene coats printed shirts and architectural forms.