Fashion Country of the World

Contrary to what many people think, the country fashion chic is everywhere. Some directly associate this fashion style directly with the back country. The association is true, as the Brazilian back lands is inspired by the North American country, voice and guitar music, and both groups dress in much the same way. Inspiration leather is similar, but not just that. There are several ways to use the country fashion modern day by day and not be remembered as a fan Zeze de Camargo and Luciano.

Fashion Country Casual

A good combination country fashion for day to day would wear boots high-top knee-length shorts and your favorite jeans with a button front blouse with muted colors or good old chess, typical style. You will look lovely and relaxed and has no risk of making mistakes.

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The same combination for day to day with countrified jeans, high-top boots and long-sleeved blouses or ¾ sleeves also adheres to the style. Boot short barrel with pants are also well accepted, but be careful with the choice of colors and high heels to not get too cowboy style. It is best to invest in models of more women’s shoes, as in washed leather thin high heels and pointed toes. The more like a pumps is your boot, coolest model will get the dress on you.

Fashion Bag Country

Bags, what woman does not love them? In casual country fashion, it gives to invest in really cool models. Use black or brown leather models to stay in unique fashion style and invest in shoulder bag models with touches of modernity and original style, as with metals and different leather articles in braids. Bags with braided leather detailing add more to the model and do very well with boots.

And do not forget the bags with fringe trend of the original country fashion for years. Fringes can be the postman style in handbags and accentuate the model in the back country style of dress.

Can not go wrong with this stylish model and not as obtrusive as you think.

Dressed in Country Fashion

Clean image leather dress or chess, even if both are widely used by rednecks in the outside world.The proposal is well grounded models with cuts at the waist, with light fabrics and falling well with leather boots.

Sober and discreet colors go very well with leather and not go wrong. Can you invest in models spaghetti strap and short sleeves. Long sleeves only if the weather ask, or will seem exaggerated.The best model is ¾ sleeve even not to get too stifling. The length is average, not as above the knee and not so down to not get too behaved. Sensuality with style, so prefer models in the middle of the thigh.

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Country Fashion with Jackets

Jackets jeans or leather combine well with this style. The care is not only weigh the look, so use the contrast rule. If the jacket is single color, the shirt can be printed. But they are out of this style Animal prints print and flowers. Anything that reminds the field is well indicated, but flowers do not stop there.

The leather jackets are often used by men, but fall well on girls too. The tip is to invest in less blatant in visual models, as few details and less obtrusive cuts.