Fashion Color Trends Spring 2016

We are used to lots of flowers and strong colors in spring fashion. At least that’s what happened in the last three seasons, but we had a concept of discrete and stylish this season. The spring fashion 2016 still much closed in shades and patterns when compared to previous years, which is good considering the timelessness of the pieces and who had fear of strong colors like honey and fad color blocking. This year we have the casual, elegant and retro touches on the agenda.

The elegancia and chance in the new season are with looks of pure color. A single color sets or dresses is more than fashionable. The colors? Red, orange, blue, green and classic beige to match everything. The proposal is to create a visual impact without much force the look. The more discreet is better for your look.

Fashion Colors Spring 2016

Few people bet on the turn of stripes, but they are with everything.

Brands like Prada invested in traditional wallet purse with striped style angelic tones thinking ofth less daring. Thinking back on the fashion navy, you can go from blue and white horizontal or vertical stripes, according to your style and body sculpting. Accessories with stripes come into play again and even the beautiful shoes make a new dress in classic brands like Arezzo.

Yellow seems to be the color of spring fashion 2016 always welcome because it lightens the atmosphere and is a good renewed gray scale and closed winter. You can go on shoes, bags, dresses and single color look to bet fashionable harder. The orange, so dear fashionable in 2015 is no longer on the agenda as in the LocalBusinessExplorer.

Seldom black was appointed as the spring fashion 2016 color. In fact it is not only him, but the dual black and white as a bet to look basic and parties. Stick with the basic colors to spice up the wardrobe and can invest comfortable in accessories because this combination even came to stay.

Models Fashion Spring 2016

He never used both fashionable sport in the streets.

The looks to academia are flocking to your visit to the mall or movie and style. You can bet on legging pants, cropped top and race day by day and traditional industry brands like Nike and Adidas thinking even look for work. Tennis is for the gym even, but can match with your dear and basic sapatênis, sneakers and flat sandals.

It is still not tip pants so tight for them and cuts straight to the daily. The light bell mouth in jeans back strong, but the traditional cut with medium waist, nor high nor too low, are also bets for the casual. It is a tip still using pencil skirt for a visual work or even parties in darker colors.