Fashion Career by Daniela Crepas

I work most stylish paparazzi look around the Italian city…

How the work affects your look and vice versa?
“Working closely with the fashion magazines it is like being perpetually in front of the shop windows. With consequences often quite disastrous for the portfolio… In fact, the most interesting aspect is to have the opportunity to experience the “backstage” of the fashion world. See behind the scenes of this environment teaches you how fashion is a serious matter: the only way you learn to appreciate the most authentic substance and, paradoxically, even the most frivolous and playful side.”

Your style secret?
“I am instinctive and spontaneous in the look choices. I always dress and only for myself, not for others. If you’re comfortable when you wear a suit, you will never feel out of place on any occasion, even the most complicated.”

Speaking of beauty, what are your must?
“My slogan is one: Copriocchiaie. Always. When you’re struggling with a job so all-encompassing, and for which you are going crazy, you tend to sleep very little… I apply it in the morning and take it in your bag for touch-ups preserata. Nevermore without!”