Facebook Will Try to Prevent Suicides

Our social relations are increasingly based in the virtual world. This is true not only for good times, such as when a friend announced that married through the relationship status on the social network, but also to complicated situations. Depression, for example, will be combated through a partnership between Facebook and an organization that provides support and free counseling sentimental.

The Facebook team is already working on a new system that will allow users to report when they feel that a particular friend is in a situation where you can commit suicide. Depression is just one of many reasons that can lead to this complicated picture. In the game, trying to assist that person before the worst happens.

In the tests that have been performed, the organization Samaritans said that the result was very positive. And the cool thing is that, by relying on notices sent by friends, there was not even a prank call informing about a person who would commit suicide, but was actually at peace with life – with the right to pranksters friends wanting to put the service in Sheikh.

The philosophy behind this new feature says, by a friend, the person sending the warning is more prepared to say when a person is in a difficult time. Here come into play the consultants Samaritans, a network of nearly 19,000 people who give emotional support for depression, anxiety, bad feelings, and so on.

This is another highly intelligent initiative which – hopefully – will quite right. And congratulations to Facebook to take on this role of helping people when it seems necessary, or at least allow this aid to reach in an easier and less expensive way.