Ethnic Trends in Fashion 2016

Tribal beauty queens of Africa invites city. The pace sewing drapes safari prints, metis of shimmering tunics and high heels. It is the spirit Couture in Dakar.

What Is It? The tribal and hieratic beauty queens dressed African safari beige, with animal prints and ethnic and embellished with accessories raw leather, raffia or bronze.

Where Does It Come? From a mixture of African crafts and codes of colonial heritage.

Who Is It For? The followers of the pace sewing, mixed with shimmering tunics and high heels.

Highlights of the Style 
The wax prints, earth colors, ethnic motifs: blends and gaudy accumulations.

How to Wear It
It is preferred brown and spicy tones that go great with bright patterns. It relies on basic urban: straight skirt and collarless jacket. And to temper the strong prints are chosen softer tones.

The Accessories Look
It is inspired by the look Yves Saint Laurent 70: you wear the boubou top bag, the jewelry made ​​of wood or shell. And we tied a beautiful silk scarf on the head, so Intershippingrates.

I’ll start: choose a strong print and associate it with black and khaki: the insured chic.

Fan: dare the exuberance of the witch Karaba; playing with volumes and overlays, mix and matchez printed. Finally, multiply the urge accessories straw, shells or raw metal, and always put on your heels to ensure a very urban look.