Es Professor Using Bike Points Problems in Vitoria

Fabíola Vitória and Juirana Nobres do G1 / ES – with information from TV Gazeta

To the G1 news portal, Professor Edvaldo Lopes Rodrigues has shown that even trash poles and buckets are found on bike paths. By 2014, nine cyclists have died in accidents.

Lack of bicycle lanes, half-way posts and buckets, worn tracks and tree branches are some of the obstacles that teacher Edvaldo Lopes Rodrigues faces on a daily basis on the way home from school to school, between Bicanga, in the Serra, to the neighborhood Goiabeiras in Vitória, a route of approximately 40 km.

On the teacher’s day, the news team followed the ‘marathon’ Edvaldo faces to teach. In July, he fell on a bicycle because a manhole was open and even then, he did not abandon the ‘skinny’. According to the Military Police Traffic Battalion, nine people died in 2014, in accidents involving bicycles.

The teacher pedals an hour and a half every day. Edvaldo Lopes Rodrigues said that he has already lost 48 kilos after he took the bike via For the teacher, the problem is the poor structure of the roads between Serra a Vitória.

In the Bicanga neighborhood, from where Edvaldo leaves, he does not find shoulders. “It does not have space to pedal, it does not have bicycle lane and it does not have shoulder. The branches of the trees can hit our faces and disturb our passage. In Continental City, it has a bike path, but it is badly made and some parts are worn out,”he said.

The teacher must pass the BR-101 until arriving at the school. He needs to split the space with cars and trucks on the way. “Not counting the dangerous crossings and the lack of signaling,” Edvaldo said.

On the way, a garbage dump was standing, full of debris, in the middle of the bicycle lane.In another section, a Van backs and almost hits the report bike.


In July of this year, Edvaldo Lopes Rodrigues suffered a bicycle accident when he returned home. He had to dodge a bus, and fell into a manhole without a cover. “I was unconscious on the track and I took 13 points on my face. Only then, the city hall did the repair,”he recalled.

Edvaldo was not afraid to pedal again, but now he redoubles his care. Follow the guidelines of the traffic code and search for the few cycle paths you have on the way.”Even with the obstacles we encounter in the middle of the road, riding a bike is worth it,” said the teacher. If the teacher used buses a day, he would take four buses and take three hours in transit.