Emmy: 7 Best Makeup + Hairstyles

The world got an eye on the bigger prize of American television. The Emmy 2016, which happened in Los Angeles, brought together the leading artists series and international programs that we love! In addition to the winners and the main highlights of the event, we Live Beautiful, of course, we’re keeping an eye on actresses who razed in looks for the red carpet.

We have assembled the seven divas of the ceremony that have stood out in the beauty. Inspire yourself with the best make-up and hairstyles ideas and work also in your next party!

#1-Kristen Bell

Actress Kristen Bell was at the top of our podium with a make beautiful and gold on the red carpet at the Emmys. In his eyes, the beautiful golden shadow and bet on a lot of shade, who highlighted his green eyes, combined to the skin bright and nude lips.

To make the proposal, loose hairs and smooth with volume in central stripe. Beautiful, no?

Want to do the same? Bet on bright points in the face with the Flash Color Illuminator Adapt and compact blush in peach tone in apples. In the lips, go to perfect lipstick Creamy Nude Belle. All Make b. to rock!

#2 – Emilia Clarke

Performer of the famous character Daenerys Targaryen, Game of Thrones, the actress Emilia Clarke emerged radiant on the red carpet with a dress that valued her curves. The beautiful opted for a light and fresh beauty

The shadow lilac eyes was evaporating fast throughout the mobile eyelid and combined only to mascara, illuminated skin and lip gloss. The hair, with simple coke and divided into central stripe, completed the proposal. Doesn’t look like she woke up beautiful?

Copy the artist’s glam beauty with Flash Color Illuminator Adapt and Coral Coral lip gloss Shine. Make light and delicate.

#3 – Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox, the character Sophia series Burset Orange Is the New Black, was another who played on make combined golden hair with waves of diva. And notice the glitter applied on your lap. Inspiring beauty.

Get inspired in Laverne in time of make to the eyes: use the yellow tone of Shadows Earth Bronze in mobile eyelid by applying dark brown on the outside corner. Complete with many layers of mascara black Extravolume all make-up b. look of Muse.

#4-Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum also came top in the Emmy red carpet with a beauty anything loaded with illuminated skin + nude tones. The proposal has been combined with smooth, hair in a sleek hair, and separated into central stripe. Less can sometimes be more, right?

Copy: prepare the skin with Concealer + liquid Foundation Color Adapt and Flash Make illuminator b. at strategic points. On the lips, invest in Lip Mousse Modern Nude. Beautiful!

#5 – Viola Davis

Already the powerful actress Viola Davis nailed it in a shaded part make in shades of silver and black eyes and lips purple in color. Super want to copy that eye all + all mouth! The hair, in long length bob, came loose and natural. Diva is a diva!

Work also with the Perfect Mate Purple Lipstick make-up Ethnic b. Africaníssima on the lips. Beauty perfect for the red carpet.

#6 – Priyanka Chopra

Speaking of lips powerful, actress Priyanka Chopra played in red lipstick, matching the color of the lips with the dress. Already the look received Golden tones + brow well marked.

Glamorous also in the proposal, which was trapped in lateral stripe with wet effect. Look at the sleek hair here again (we already do it here).

You’re going to play in the combinandinho with the red lipstick look too? So go Make b. Perfect Matte Lipstick in the color Red Carpet that you can’t miss!

#7-Sophie Turner

Already the beautiful Sophie Turner drew attention on the red carpet with reddish skin and toned shadow with super contour. The hair, which in front suggested loose threads, was finalized with a graceful back braid. Pure inspiration!

To make the proposal of actress, apply the reddish tone of Shadows Quartet Make b. Africaníssima Eventide Ruby on mobile eyelid. Select the concave and the region near the eyebrow with the lighter tone of the foursome. Complete with the Mask Effect false eyelashes to Make b. ‘s divar.

Inspired by the beauty of the divas and our tips? Now just choose the make that has more to do with you and destroy that superevento too!