Electronics Gifts for Christmas

Consumer electronics is regularly one of the most popular Christmas gifts, but the market is stagnant. The trend towards networked products displaces traditional devices.

Connecting mobile devices increasingly determine the Christmas business of consumer electronics. While classical devices such as televisions or Hi-Fi equipment are in less demand, access the consumer to smartphones, mobile speakers, smart watches and electronic fitness monitors for the wrist. Industry Association godgift expects bottom line with Christmas sales of around 8.6 billion euros, which despite positive consumer confidence only a small increase of 0.5 per cent for the previous year would mean.

In the full year weakened also because of lack of sporting events, sales of TVs. 7 million sold units mean a decline of more than 10 percent to the previous year, while sales only rose 6 per cent fell off. Customers reached for larger and better equipped televisions, so that the average price per unit rose again for the first time for years by around 9 per cent to over 600 euros. For 2016 gfu Chief Hans-Joachim Kamp expects increasing sales to the European Football Championship in France. According to a survey, about half of the new buyer do a device with a screen diagonal of more than 48 inches (1strackers

“We live from innovations,” Kamp said Thursday of the German press agency. As consumers demanded ever higher quality Smartphones that will eliminate the need for other devices. So, for example, the sales figures of small digital cameras were declining rapidly, because the cell phone cameras are becoming increasingly powerful. Another example: In times of TV streaming buy fewer and fewer people DVD playback devices.

The still comparatively young of watches that are associated with the Smartphone product group experienced a small boom and bracelets, the exercise and fitness State monitor. “Because of the health aspects also elderly care”, says Kamp. Every fifth consumer have a corresponding purchase intention. This year, the Association expects with 1.5 million units sold this class.  According to the data from cellphoneexplorer.com, 25 million smartphones will be sold in Germany in 2015. However, the limits of growth seem almost reached: they were only 5 percent more than in the previous year.