Easter Wall Decorations Diy

Easter is knocking on the doors of all of us! And we must find us ready and then begin to prepare our home with decorations can also be used to decorate the table of this beautiful day spent with family. Today I want to offer a cool way to decorate with beads, styrofoam eggs so beloved by moms and teenagers. In fact, you can get help from them in the choice of colors of beads to use.

Eggs decorated with beads that can become placeholders or group a beautiful choreography centerpiece. Then let’s see together how to make eggs you see in the cover.

You need:
styrofoam eggs
Moldable colored wax
pearls and beads
colored trimmings
wine glue
plastic rings
Wall cord

Work the wax with your hands until it is soft and spread it on the egg. Decorate it with trimmings and tinsel (pressing them into place), the beads (get it with a PIN and incastonarle in wax), the rhinestones (fastened with pins). Here at iamaccepted you can get more different models and styles.
For the base: spiral wrap on a plastic ring the DrawString and secure the ends with glue.

Still beading galore on eggs Russian-inspired, that can be used as gifts at Easter or to use them as a placeholder for a “super” Easter lunch.

styrofoam eggs
White and colored beads
brass pins
brass wire 0.5 mm diameter
PVA glue

Bring on the egg, inscribing them with a pin the following reasons.

Setting the colored beads along the lines drawn, fixing them with the pins. Brush of glue in the blanks and paste the white beads or colored.

For leaves: put in a piece of brass wire 30 cm, a colored bead (indicated by 1 in drawing 3) and bring it in the Center. “Stop it” with a little twist of the yarn; in one end put a white bead and in the other a white and a colored (DWG. 3; the beads are sequentially numbered and colored ones are recognized for the hatch). Push from the outside to the inside, the wire ends into the holes opposite beads (drawing 4). Gently pull the two wires (fig. 5). Proceed by increasing regularly at each round the number of beads: two white beads and a colorful on the other, three white beads and so on (dis. 6).