Dvr Intelbras 32 Cameras Hdcvi 1032

The Intelbras 32 cameras DVR is a digital recorder with tri-fold technology, which guarantees support for all security camera technologies available on the market.

In addition to offering 32 channels, this product has a simplified configuration, which facilitates the installation and operation even by those who have never had previous contact with this type of device.

Its price, added to the benefits and technologies that this recorder brings, makes it one of the most affordable in the category.

The Intelbras 32 cameras DVR records and transmits images in HD ( 720p ) without the need to buy new cables.

In the installation you can use the analog cables, which will guarantee a significant saving in the budget.

And if you want to know a little more about the hdcvi 1032, this powerful digital recorder from Intelbras, keep reading and see the information we separate, below:

Intelbras 32 Cameras Dvr: The Main Functions

In addition to the function taxed, which guarantees the reproduction and transmission of images with IP, HDCVI and analog technologies, the hdcvi 1032 presents several new features for its users.

One of them is the possibility to use the 30 analog channels with the quality of 720p for images and with a rate of 15 frames per second.

With this operations model, you can get an overview of your entire property in real time, which ensures more security.

In addition, the Intelbras 32 cameras DVR has a virtual matrix where you can reposition the background images without the need to change the cable and export the videos in.AVI format and can be easily played on any computer that has Windows as operational system.

Hdcvi 1032: Usage Tips

The DVR 1032 is suitable for medium-to-large sized projects, perfect for businesses and large homes.

This is because the product is a good cost-benefit and it is possible to reuse analog cables to connect the cameras.

In addition, this digital recorder features Intelbras Cloud technology, which ensures the installation and access of the images in just three simple steps.

All you need to do is connect the network cable to the device, download iSIC 6 from the application store, and then point the phone to read the QR code.

Ready, from then on the user can access the images and configure the cameras according to their needs.

What Are The Key Benefits Of Intelbras 1032?

The Intelbras 1032 digital recorder brings a number of benefits to the user.

The first of them is the possibility of using all the technologies of security cameras available in the market.

It is even possible to use the analog cables to connect the cameras, which guarantees a great savings when setting up your CCTV system.

It is lightweight and very easy to install.

The Intelbras 32 cameras DVR is an excellent alternative for those who want to build a robust security system at an affordable price.

It is suitable for projects of all sizes, both for homes and businesses of all sizes. Both for its ease of use, state-of-the-art technology and cost-effective!

Price Of DVR 32 Channels Intelbras

A system that will use 32 cameras, does not have the low cost. The large amount of equipment comes out at a high value and the DVR must have quality to operate.

The values ​​arrive to be very expensive by the market.

But as I always say, Intelbras is quality and fair price. The HDCVI 1032 is affordable (compared to other brands) and certainly has the best system (for both advanced and novice users).

The value of the device in the market is between $ 2,323.39 and $ 2,691.23 according to a quick survey using Google Shopping.