Doro, Smartphones Android Aimed at The Older

Although many of us are familiar with smartphones, we must recognize that they are fairly complex devices. Many things you can do with it, but its learning curve is somewhat elevated. Thus, because of its difficulty, is a device that can cast back to certain groups of people. Including people who normally is not accustomed to using touch screens with as many features.

However, there are cases of developers and manufacturers who seek to integrate smartphones among the elderly. In his day for example we already speak of a launcher that much simplified interface. Today, following the aftermath of the MWC, we have to talk about a terminal that we saw at the fair in Barcelona designed especially for adults: the Doro PhoneEasy 740.

This model simplifies the experience of a smartphone to make it understandable those who have difficulty not only move around the interface but also for those looking for a classic phone. PhoneEasy 740 has a slide-out keyboard and very large, easy-to-press buttons and not rely on in excess of touch screen help.

The interface is simple and also with Doro Experience, a sort of launcher for Android with shortcuts to apps such as mail, calendar contacts or even Skype. The interesting thing about this application is that it also has version for tablets and desktop, which allows us to synchronize data between multiple devices.

At the moment what we saw at the Mobile World Congress, both the phone as the application, they are developing and there is still so that we will see in Spain. In fact, the phone that had exposed in the booth was a model. At least we got to try Doro Experience and the truth is that simple to, the application works really well.

It is interesting to see how there is manufacturers who are interested in this sector. We usually speak of powerful and leading terminals, but beyond these there are enough interesting proposals. We hope that companies like Doro, and Emporia, which is also involved in this niche but Android, go ahead and that more people can enjoy Android and a user experience that is useful and easy to use.