Does the Galaxy S5 with A Super QHD Display?

Presents the Korean Samsung Smartphone manufacturer its new Galaxy S5 may next year in spring? A lot speaks for it. Also there is growing the rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a high-resolution Super QHD display will be equipped. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S5 expected, then the most rumors turn currently the display, the Smartphone will be equipped with the. So, notes that the Galaxy S5 with a high-resolution Super QHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels could be equipped come from Korea. Also, it is said Samsung wants present his flagship Smartphone allegedly already on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February. Previously, it was assumed that Samsung his new Galaxy S5 later would introduce on an own event, as it has always done the company.

Sure seems to be, in any case, that has already completed the development of the super sharp QHD screen and mass production that is already started. This increases the chance that the S5 in the Galaxy with this new, super sharp display will be equipped. An other news is, however, of the Samsung equip his Galaxy S5 with PLS LCD displays. These are far more favorable than the AMOLED screens, previously used by Samsung and show the screen in much more natural colors. However, because the AMOLED screens are almost a trademark of the Korean Smartphone manufacturer with their rich colors, is rather not to assume that the company turns away from this display.

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