Do It Yourself – at the Child’s Feast

I have separated some ideas you can make to decorate your son or daughter’s party. Some also serve to decorate your home after, how about? I think party also has to have a touch of yours, can be original and do not follow these thematic beats or linked to the media. Have you thought about having your son or daughter be the most original of the year??

1) Outdoor Or Theme Party Nature-If You Want This Person To Have A Love Of Nature, What About Inserting It In Your Birthday Parties?

It serves the garden and serves to decorate the sides of the table (you can put natural or artificial flowers) with a strong color so, it is beautiful! And you can add in the decoration:

Pet bottles cut, painted and drawn, cans with tape washi tape (or stickers, fabrics, etc) and cans with a simple string (or string) glued.

Cacti are everywhere, why not at your son/daughter’s party? From crochet, paper and even stone (and can still be given as souvenirs … Personally you’ll love it!) And this box with flowers, does not adorn the cake table pretty?

2) Romantic Themed Party-Many Girls Love Birthday Parties Filled With Hearts, Pink, Delicate Things … Look At The Ideas:

With pvc pipes, photos printed in black and white and flowers (artificial, natural or even with candies, for example) you make a table setting that becomes a beautiful souvenir. If you have pieces of jigsaw puzzle at home, you can paint them and paste them in the form of heart or the name of the birthday girl and put on the walls, hanging on the tables, anyway! And see how cute the vase (which can even be of cardboard) coated with fabric, a pretty bow and sticks with hearts made of crochet (but could be n things…) and the lanterninhas made with cans painted and pierced. Then just add a wire or rope and hang where you want.

3) Ideas To Decorate The Table And Walls – Different And Simple:

I just love this simple thing: paper jars in various colors. It gives a very nice effect.

And simple painted or purple paper hearts and glass hanging on the table also give a pretty cool effect.
Look how easy: Cones of paper, coated or not, styrofoam ball glued, with tissue forming sorbet type. I found it beautiful and can be used in many different ways.