Discover New Trends In JEANS For Guys

Denim or jean Pant is one of those inevitable clothes in your wardrobe. It is present in all seasons and adapts to different trends proposed by designers.

You provide us with freshness and comfort, but at the same time it is so versatile that using it with a blazer over it can transform the outfit to a more elegant version.

We are officially in autumn and this season focused, dark colors and a few torn again assail our wardrobes. The gray days are back, but we are responsible for filling them with life. The important thing is to know how to combine them, remember that the colors are also important.

Skinny jeans

Have been realized that last year we have seen more boys in skinny? The skinny jeans as described in topbbacolleges have been one of the strongest in the 2013 trends and it seems that it is for this 2014. Personally I feel super comfortable with them since they stylize the figure of some. I have to admit that not everyone gets them well, it is only a matter of try and see if it goes with our body.

#HOTtip: use skinny is not synonymous with using one size less. You must feel comfortable with this option but with the correct size.

Here some looks that can serve as inspiration.

Straight jeans

These will remain just as present, are classic! Everyone should have one in our closet. And it is that they are in the comfort zone for many. My only recommendation is to not be boring by using them. Play with colors, textures and daring to use new elements as accessories.

Baggy Jeans

And you think the baggy jeans? You can make this type of jean appear a kind of SAC, but the truth is that you firms like Joy Rich, Pac Sun and Givenchy (to only mention some) have been set in the style of many rappers and the trend that they have loose-fitting garments.

You can also take your baggy jeans with a blazer or coat to give the look a more formal touch without losing the fun of the outfit.

The interesting thing about jeans is that you can modify them and make them the most. For example, if you want a pair of torn jeans, you can do yourself in a few simple steps. Bring them in this way is one of my favorites. This season we can formalize much jean jackets and shirts such a 360-degree turn to its original purpose. This trend is equally strong in women and comes hand especially with the known BOYFRIEND JEAN.

The accessory par excellence: shoes

Shoes play an important role in the season, since the sport trend continues to evolve from 2012. Without a doubt this 2014 will be a must in your closet.This type of footwear is perfect with jeans.

We have reached a time where each of us imposes fashion and is defined mainly by our style. The slippers have moved mostly to classical shoes and are the ideal complement to a look with jeans. And the convenience of this type of footwear is a relief for all who use them. You can also become an iconic piece in a formal outfit.